Top 5 Bitcoin Documentaries to Watch Now


The weekend is almost here and we’re happy to help you in making weekend plans! We put together a list of crypto- and Blockchain related documentaries that will keep you entertained. Have a look at these recommendations that combine entertainment and crypto education!


Banking On Bitcoin

This documentary takes you back to when Bitcoin was initially released and gives you hints of nostalgia from the old days. Banking on Bitcoin was released in 2016 and crypto veterans will definitely recognize names like Erik Voorhees, Gavin Andresen and Charlie Shrem, who all took part in making the documentary.

Banking On Bitcoin focuses on the early Bitcoin users and looks at what led to their successes and failures in trading the currency, as well as how they impacted the Blockchain industry as a whole. The movie also studies the effect of regulation and innovation on cryptocurrencies and tries to explain the correlation of these aspects.  


Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine is one of the latest releases in the segment of crypto films. It explores the evolution of the technology in depth, however, it also focuses on practical matters. The documentary looks at what is the role of decentralized technology in solving real world problems, such as poverty, world hunger and income inequality.

In addition to covering all-things-blockchain, Trust Machine has first hand experience in blockchain film distribution and funding. The documentary was funded and distributed by using decentralized technology.


The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin

This was one of the first documentaries released on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2014. The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin starts its story from the creation of cryptocurrency. It explains how Bitcoin managed to maintain its growth through some of the most infamous events in the industry, including Mt. Gox or the Cyprus crisis in 2012.

The documentary features the stories of early adopters and Bitcoin enthusiasts Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong and Margaux Avedisian. It also has a closer look on the mining industry and the evolution of Bitcoin’s image.


Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

This documentary directed by Torsten Hoffmann takes you on a journey that studies the evolution of money, starting from the ancient times and leading all the way up Wall Street and cryptocurrencies. It breaks down the characteristics of virtual currency, intricacies of trade and explains why Bitcoin is useful.

The documentary focuses on how Bitcoin differs from any other currency that has been used throughout history. It explains the disruptive effect that it can have on traditional monetary systems due to decentralization being at the core of Bitcoin. 


The Bitcoin Gospel

This documentary became popular due to numerous “crypto celebrities” that appear in it. We are talking about Andreas Antonopolous, Peter Todd, Roger Ver and many more. This is deemed as one of the best crypto-related documentaries by many, since it explains the underlying purpose of Bitcoin and ties the role of central banks and the financial crisis of 2008 into the equation. 

The movie covers controversial topics and opinions and has raised many discussions among the audience. In addition to opinions about crypto, this piece also discusses practical topics like mining and Bitcoin’s price predictions in the long term. 

That’s it for this time’s viewing suggestions! If you are looking for some more practical activities over the weekend, go ahead and start trading for real on our platforms! If you have any questions about our platforms or CoinMetro in general, reach out to our support team. They are there to help 24/7.