Tokenized Asset Management From A to Z


Every coinmetromaniac knows that Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) is a unique concept developed in-house by the CoinMetro team. Basically, it’s a super easy way to partner up with a pro trader: invest however much you want in your TAM account, and a professional trader will readily take over the investing part for you!

Why the Idea?

The idea is based on the highly successful managed account model designed and implemented by the members of the CoinMetro team at our strategic partner FXPIG.

TAM is designed to give any Crypto enthusiast the opportunity to work with a professional trader to grow their account and potentially profit. We all know that we should do what we know best. If you have resources for investing, but lack knowledge or skills, TAM is a reliable and profitable solution for your problem.

The TAM account model is extremely flexible. You can easily adjust it to your needs. You decide whether you want to just start with TAM, possibly move to a self-managed account, or maybe even become an account manager yourself if you have what it takes! The choice is always yours.

Here’s How TAM Works

Each pro trader, or manager, will be issued a unique personal token, priced in COIN. COIN, or XCM, is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token used to pay for services on the CoinMetro exchange and trading platforms.

COIN facilitates interaction with our infrastructure and provides transparency to our customer base, similarly to the Ethereum blockchain

Through TAM, anybody can work with a manager of their choice by investing in the chosen manager’s unique personal token. You can also quickly move funds and digital assets between managers.

Similar to earning a commission, managers profit from fees based on the high-water mark principle (i.e., the highest peak in value for a given account), whereas investors benefit based on the potential growth of their investment.

To wrap it up, you invest in a manager, they potentially grow your investment as it’s in their best interest, and everybody wins!

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Source: CoinMetro

Is it Beneficial for Me?

Proof is worth a thousand words, so here’s a summary of why CoinMetro’s TAM model is definitely beneficial for you:

  • You choose the manager you want to work with from the available pool.
  • You choose how much you want to invest. The best piece of advice we could give you? Start small by investing reasonable amounts. This rule applies to every investment you make. Keep life-changing amounts as your financial cushion, no matter how much and how fast you want to profit.
  • You can stop any time, but why stop if working with a pro trader is a win-win for everyone?
  • Your manager takes over the trading part in exchange for a reasonable commission based on their performance. A result-driven manager is your most reliable partner.
  • You harvest the potential rewards, and everybody is happy.

You’re always welcome to explore our website for more details regarding our unique concepts as well as products and services.

Is it Safe?

Tokenizing on Blockchain is a secure and transparent process, where each trade can be linked back to specific investors and managers. This gives you a complete overview of their digital assets at all times.


If you’re looking to team up with a professional trader, look no further! You will soon be able to open a TAM account on CoinMetro’s innovative exchange platform. We have you covered.

We at CoinMetro are happy to answer your trickiest questions about TAM or deal with any other concerns you might have. Why not get in touch with our super-friendly customer support team directly or try the handy live chat feature on our website? Looking to hear from you!

On Monday, we’ll publish the first piece by one of the three winners of our Guest Blogger Contest. Super excited, so check out our blog in a few days for a fresh view on Cryptos if you’re a believer!

Enjoy your weekend!

The CoinMetro Team