THT Halving 2022 – ThoughtAI


Over the past weekend, you may have noticed a decrease in your THT staking rewards coming on Coinmetro. This is because THT had its halving. What does this mean? Read further to learn more.

What is Halving?

Halving is an event occurring every 4 years on average that induces the inflation in the price of a cryptocurrency by reducing the number of new tokens coming into circulation.

THT Halving

THT is a fork of the Dash coin and uses a combination of mining and masternodes to create new tokens that come into the circulating supply. THT has 1,618,000,00 tokens in its circulating supply.

This is the first halving of the THT token. The effect of halving is that it cuts the rewards in half for everyone.

From its inception, the reward for a block was 157 THT. With the halving, this has now been reduced to 78.5 THT.

Effects on Staking THT on Coinmetro

Because of the halving, the APR for THT staking has been reduced. Coinmetro now gets fewer rewards so is forced to give users fewer rewards for their staked THT.

The chart below compares the staking percentages from before and after the 2022 halving.

Halving happens, and it’s completely out of our control but we believe in the long-term value proposition of ThoughtAI.


THT was also listed on CoinMarketCap recently.

What is Next?

By the end of the month, ThoughtAI is planning to release a wallet update, with the first bit of evolution-enabling technology. In addition,  more updates are expected to happen throughout the year. Stay tuned!