The Year in Review


Looking Back at 2022


What a year this has been…After 12 months of big challenges, changes and growth, we take a moment to look back at 2022 to understand what it means for us, you, and the entire crypto industry. At Coinmetro, we believe we can all use this year to strengthen our advance and become more aware of our collective crypto journey. We have put together an annual review to better understand this and have a transparent outlook on how this year has changed us. 


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A Pivotal Year Is Closing Out

Coming out of the pandemic straight into more political turmoil and then a bear market – the perfect storm lined up, posing big challenges to people and businesses alike. But it would be a pity to remain blind to all the progress and important highlights this year has had as well. Despite the difficult moments, crypto is heading toward global adoption.



Let’s not forget that in the first part of 2022, regardless of political tensions, the markets held their ground for a while, still riding strong in the echoes of 2021. As for the next year, there’s a good chance we will see new lows in the coming months, probably followed by more optimism in the space towards the second half of 2023. 


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Coinmetro Highlights

At Coinmetro, it has never felt more bullish. 2022 was a strong year on both the Product front, as well as company expansion. So far, we have spent this bear market by almost doubling the number of employees, building more in-house technology and innovating our products so you can benefit more. Here are some of the key milestones for Coinmetro in 2022:



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Advancing Access For All in 2023 & Beyond

Collectively, we have an opportunity to understand where the entire industry needs to improve. Next year, trust will be non-negotiable, and the whole market should refocus on the building blocks of the crypto dream: transparency, equality, and accessibility.



Read the Full 2022 Annual Review


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