The WhaleRoom Crypto Explained


Social utility tokens are rising in popularity in the crypto world. Are they a game changer? Yes. Are they valuable? Absolutely. Do they have potential? Plenty. We’re here to tell you about WhaleRoom crypto – one of the social tokens you should definitely know about.


What is WhaleRoom?

WhaleRoom is a social platform enabling anyone to create token-gated rooms in a few clicks for their communities or members. With WhaleRoom, users can gain access to rooms by validating ownership with coins, tokens, and even NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to the specific rooms in which they wish to participate. It is perfect for NFT projects, brands, content creators (e.g., streamers, influencers, and other creators), as well as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

Within the platform, every room is dedicated to a specific token-based community, which allows its stakeholders to communicate directly and enjoy the platform’s features. What’s more, WhaleRoom uses cryptographic proof to ensure that community members are actual holders of the project’s token, coin, or NFT.

Room creators can set a minimum of tokens or token value required to access their room on the WhaleRoom platform. This is all it takes to join – anyone is free to access one as long as they hold the required amount of tokens/token value for the room they want to join.

If you’re interested to find out more about WhaleRoom and why we listed their social troken, make sure you read our article which covers information about the platform and token. 


Does WhaleRoom have a token?

Yes. WHL is Whaleroom’s ERC-20 social token.


What are the token’s use cases?

You can use the WHL token to:

  • Access premium features inside the WhaleRoom ecosystem;
  • Participate in the community native to WhaleRoom;
  • Participate in product governance polls opened only to members;
  • Create communities on the WhaleRoom platform.

The amazing WhaleRoom makes it easy for any project to use and integrate WHL tokens into their ecosystem – for their use case, that is. The WHL social token is community-owned and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It’s worth mentioning that in the future, it will also be possible to create rooms via Bitclout or Hathor Network tokens by holding WHL social tokens or, alternatively, by paying a room hosting fee.


The WHL community token has landed on Coinmetro

WhaleRoom crypto is now available on Coinmetro, making it the first centralized exchange to enable WHL trading. As if this wasn’t good enough, we offer the world’s first USD and EUR pairings for WHL!

PS: For now, we will offer limit orders only while organic liquidity grows. Soon enough, we will also be expanding offerings with new pairs and placing WHL on our SWAP widget.

If you’re ready to start trading, sign up or head over to the exchange to log in.