The Top 8 Celebrity Crypto Believers

These days, celebrities often move with the times, take note of innovative things, and want to be part of modern technologies that are changing the world around them. There are few such technologies around today to have the potential of changing almost any industry as crypto does. The Cryptosphere has proven very successful at attracting elites who have a bit more resources than us ordinary-folk, and have the power to dig a little deeper. Let’s find out who these celebrity crypto believers are and how they are related to crypto.

Paris Hilton

In the middle of 2017 – a crypto-boom-year – Paris Hilton supported one of the many newly created tokens via her Twitter account. However, LydianCoin – a platform that aimed to combine the blockchain with targeted, AI-driven digital marketing and advertising services – became embroiled in controversy following a scandal involving the founder of the token platform. Paris Hilton later deleted the tweet.

Paris isn’t the only Hilton with confidence in crypto, her father – real-estate mogul, Richard – once put one of his mansions up for sale on a cryptocurrency auction.

Ashton Kutcher

As a co-founder of an investment company, Ashton Kutcher invested in the Bitcoin payment provider, BitPay, in 2013. Soon after, he was spotted tweeting about Bitcoin and Ethereum. In 2018, Kutcher donated $4m worth of XRP to Ellen Degeneres’ Wildlife Fund.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2017, the actress joined crypto startup Abra – a mobile wallet app –  as an advisor and a year after she tweeted a link to the site’s article “The Basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency—and How to Invest”. Gwyneth obviously acknowledges the importance of crypto and is a clear supporter of the industry.

Katy Perry

Last year, Katy Perry’s Instagram post with a crypto manicure collected more than 200K likes. In the picture, the singer shows off her nail art which features the logos of Ether, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar and Bitcoin.

That’s not the only crypto post that Katy has shared, either: in 2017 she posted a picture with Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in history, with the comment “nbd just asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency”.

50 Cent

Way back in 2014, during the earliest days of the crypto wave, American rapper, 50 Cent, was selling his album “Animal Ambition” for 0.0088 BTC per copy. the total amount earned was 700 BTC – which, at the time was worth $463,000. According to Internet legend, Fiddy forgot that he’d collected such a sum in Bitcoin only to recall later. At the current price, his haul is worth close to €5m! Rumour has it that this sum is still held in Bitcoin.


Popular singer, Akon, steamed ahead of all of the above by launching his very own crypto – the awesomely named “Akoin” – part of the Akoin Ecosystem designed for “creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond”. The ultimate goal of the project is to build an Akon Crypto City in Senegal, the home country of the musician.

Lionel Messi

In 2017, Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, announced his ambassadorship of Sirin Labs, a company developing a smartphone secured by blockchain technology. The smartphone also comes with a cold wallet solution, allowing users to store their crypto safely and securely.


Madonna’s charity fund Raising Malawi teamed up with the Ripple company helping to raise money for African children. The campaign was held through Facebook, and Ripple matched each donation, which led to the total raised sum of €972,707.

The Roundup

There you have it! Bet you didn’t know that some of those guys and gals were so into crypto. There’s no doubt that blockchain and crypto have bright futures ahead of them. If you simply can’t wait and want to be part of these stories, then there’s only one thing to do – hop aboard the CoinMetro now, a fully-licensed, EU-based fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat exchange.

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