The Quant Network: A Unique DLT Gateway


Here at CoinMetro, we love to do things differently, and we also love to introduce crypto projects that do the same. The Quant Network clearly stands aside from many other DLT projects.

How so? Read on to find out.


The Origins

There would be no Quant Network had it not been for Gilbert Verdian. An extraordinary man, he took the crypto space by storm.

What makes the primary founder of the Quant Network stand out is his unmatched experience and connections in both the private and public sector.

Ever since bitcoin saw the world in 2009, Gilbert was working fixedly towards creating what we now know as the Quant Network – launched in December 2017.

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What Makes the Quant Network Different?

The keyword for the Quant Network is interoperability.

A large number of crypto projects face the interoperability issue – sooner more than later. To put it differently, most projects build a blockchain that plugs into others. What defines the Quant Network, however, is how it sits on top of other blockchains.

Mr Verdian managed to link a great deal of blockchain issues to interoperability and knew to build a network that would solve the problem.

Another key point that needs to be mentioned in relation to the Quant Network is the fact that it is not open-source. The closed-source technology the project uses is mostly patented, requiring permits and licenses.


Solving the Interoperability Issue

The Quant Network aims to solve the interoperability issue by making it universal. To make it possible, Overledger blockchain operating system was created. We’re mainly used to talking about hardware-based operating systems, such as Windows, Apple, or Android, but Quant’s Overledger is 100% blockchain-based.

It’s worth noting that Overledger itself is not a blockchain as it is often misunderstood by many. It’s based on a blockchain, meaning that it uses a blockchain to ensure security, traceability, and other crucial criteria.

However, what you should remember is that Overledger OS is the first ever blockchain operating system that inter-connects blockchains. Moreover, it also connects corporate platforms and apps to blockchain.

Currently, there are two versions of Overledger OS:

  • the Enterprise version, and 
  • the Community version.

As the name suggests, the Enterprise version connects to permissioned blockchains and offers additional features for enterprises. The community version, on the other hand, allows developers to benefit from launching MAPPs on permissionless blockchains.


Last but not Least

All things considered, the Quant Network is looking hot right now, particularly given the fact that this project has close to zero competitors.

The Quant Network now has the connections and funding to realize its vision and mission. Now may also be the best time to buy its token – QNT.

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