The QNT Token – A Blockchain Agnostic


The unmatched Quant Network comes to corporate and community rescue to battle the blockchain interoperability issues with its magic wand – blockchain-based Overledger OS.

The QNT token provides access to the Overledger network. What exactly is this token and how much potential does it have?

Let’s dive in: your QNT questions get answered!


The Core Data on the QNT Token

The idea of launching the Quant (QNT) token was born in 2015, with the first token sale finally happening in 2018.

Here’s an interesting fact: the ICO managed to raise an amazing $11 million from selling 9.7 million QNT.

At the time of writing this article, the market cap of the QNT token is $472,379,000, with a circulating supply of 12,072,738 QNT. Equally important, there will only be 14,612,493 QNT tokens.

The single token’s price has surpassed $39.


More About the Quant Token

The Ethereum-based QNT is a utility token. This unique ERC-20 token supports Overledger blockchain OS and allows developers to create decentralized apps. QNT is not used as bitcoin or other crypto currencies – for settlement.

Currently, the Overledger system is operating in about 570 banks in Europe – via the partnership with SIA.

Our previous article The Quant Network – A Different Blockchain explains what Overledger OS is and how it works in more detail. In addition, What is QNT? sheds more light on the intriguing Quant project.

We believe the Quant token is highly valuable because:

  • its universal nature makes sure it can handle many transactions simultaneously. Being a blockchain agnostic, the multi-purpose QNT can easily swap between blockchains to meet a particular project’s aim; 
  • it doesn’t require a lot of code as the Overledger system uses a single API to simplify engagement;
  • it has great potential: QNT has the best chances to become one of the most attractive tokens in the future. The Quant project is excessively multifunctional. It is not limited to isolated networks – interoperability makes the network available for all.


Where Can I Buy QNT?

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