The Most Essential Positions in Crypto Companies: Part II


It’s time for part two of our list of the most in-demand careers in crypto. Continuing where we left off the last time, let’s dive into other essential roles in this industry. If you’re looking for a way to bring your professional skills to the crypto game and you didn’t find yours in part 1 then here are a few more ways to do it.


Customer Support Specialist

A customer support team acts as the front line of any organization, crypto or not. Support specialists are responsible for reviewing problematic cases, resolving issues, and being available to offer a helping hand when needed. Being well-versed in crypto, patient, friendly, and knowledgeable of the product are just a few essential skills for support reps in the crypto sphere. 

Most crypto support teams work online with limited hours. In some rare cases, customer service is available 24/7 (Like on CoinMetro), meaning that reps stay diligent throughout evenings, nights, and weekends on top of regular business hours. Now that’s dedication.


Business Analyst

With over two thousand unique crypto projects in the world (and counting) it’s tough to stand out. That’s why a clear vision, an identified niche market, a thorough understanding of the competitive environment, and, as if that’s not enough, a short and long-term plan for development are essential for success.

While figuring all this out is the collective responsibility of management teams, business analysts offer the data skills that make identifying the right opportunities and threats possible. If strong analytical skills, the ability to assess risks, and a knack for forecasting business needs and industry trends are your thing, then business analytics may be the science for you.


UI/UX Designer

Thousands of projects mean a solid strategy isn’t enough to break the mold. Even the most brilliant concept might be lost on the perfect market if presented the wrong way; that’s where UX/UI design pros come into play. 

If customer support reps act as the front line of a crypto project, then UX/UI designers are, through their handiwork at least, the face of it. Users get to know a crypto project through its website, and this initial interaction sets the tone for the entire first impression the project makes on the potential customer.

Many important questions about a project are answered by the way UX/UI design is set up. Do I understand the project? Can I find the information, documentation, or contacts I need to learn more? Are animations missing or are they present and distracting? Is the color palette jarring or endearing? Is this a project worth buying into? All of these answers depend on the skills of a UI/UX Designer.


Affiliate Manager

Depending on the crypto companies, affiliate management plays a small or large role in the overall marketing strategy. An affiliate manager’s role is to find new partners and maintain current ones.

In case you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is best described as a reward system for referrals. Companies offer active users, fans, social media influencers, bloggers, or advertisers incentives to promote their products. Special bonus offers, design materials, and general support are also provided as a part of the deal.

CoinMetro, for example, runs an Ambassador Program that allows anyone to spread the word about our exchange to benefit from their efforts. All CoinMetro users are affiliates by default, and receive a referral link after signing up. CoinMetro affiliates collect as much as 23% in commissions from referrals, and you can read all about the benefits here.


Compliance Manager

Last but not least, compliance managers have one of the most important jobs in the crypto world. As the cryptocurrencies and digital assets become more regulated, operating without a proper compliance process and KYC or AML procedures will soon be a thing of the past.

Compliance management in crypto demands an eye for detail, extensive legal knowledge, and a firm belief in the future of crypto as a regulated, mainstream financial system. This belief is why all active CoinMetro users go through detailed KYC checks, which helps us stay compliant and prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial fraud. 

While our short list of essential crypto positions may be over, the range of professions in the field is expanding fast. Feel like we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments below ⬇!