The Most Essential Positions in Crypto Companies: Part 1


The Cryptosphere attracts all kinds of different, weird, wonderful and generally awesome people: some want to trade or hold crypto, others are fascinated by new technologies. Naturally, the crypto industry doesn’t just consist of consumers, but also creators. Behind every project there is a hard working team, and in many ways the success of the project depends on the people who work in the team, its organizational structure and competence.

There are professions and skills without which no project can move forward. Hence there is a high demand for such specialists. If you’re truly interested in crypto and would like to contribute to crypto companies, see our list of the most sought after skills in crypto.


Positions in the IT area include blockchain and smart contracts developers, software engineers, tech architects, IT security specialists, front end developers, QA gurus, and others. The main requirement is to be experienced in crypto projects because developing a commercial product using blockchain technology is very different from developing products in more traditional businesses.


A great product might end up unnoticed and underestimated if not accompanied by the very best marketing efforts. Marketing specialists might move to crypto from related areas, e.g., Forex, or from an unassociated field – the central requirement is to have proper experience in a particular field (social media, content, CRM, etc.) and interest to learn more about crypto. If there is great interest and knowledge in crypto, but no experience in marketing, it’s possible to start with copywriting for smooth transition to marketing.


Being an essential part of content management, copywriting suits people who have high interest and knowledge in crypto combined with a passion for writing. Original articles or blog posts are vital for any crypto project, they add content, attract new users, improve SEO-statistics and do other magic necessary for the successful progress of a crypto company. Some businesses also work with guest writers, so it’s always possible to give it a try as a side project. In fact, let us know if you want to write for CoinMetro – we’ll be happy to consider you!

Community Manager

Community is extremely important for any crypto project. It consists of early contributors, loyal supporters, new users wanting to hear what others think about the project. It would be safe to say that the crypto community mainly inhabits Telegram, Discord, Bitcointalk, and Twitter, so community managers should be able to follow all the related channels, answer questions, moderate, organize surveys, contests, bounty-hunts, etc.

Legal Counsel

Despite, or even due to the fact that the blockchain industry is still not yet regulated, legal support is an integral position for any crypto company. One of the main roles of a legal counsel is juridical risk management, and that should be done at the ICO stage. The legal officer makes sure the Whitepaper and all other documents of the project are compliant, all necessary processes are done and licenses applied for. When the company operates at full capacity, the legal expert has to provide legal support for internal and external processes, applications, even a marketing campaign’s terms and conditions.

That’s it for now. In Part 2, we’ll talk about other positions that are the most sought after in the crypto industry. Let us know what you think in the comments ⬇️ and stay tuned for more!

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