The Essence of the ALBT Coin


The ALBT coin serves as a multipurpose tool. It serves as the primary exchange medium of the AllianceBlock ecosystem, reward for the network participants, and fee payment mechanism on the platform.

Let’s have a quick yet comprehensive look at the native utility token of the AllianceBlock project.

What is AllianceBlock?

Introducing the first ever globally compliant decentralized capital market, AllianceBlock is a multilayered blockchain-agnostic protocol. It simplifies the capital transfer process between regulated and opaque markets.

The ecosystem’s protocol will consist of three distinct layers. Each layer will ensure cross-border compliance for digital assets, vastly improved data governance and privacy as well as automated back-office processing, transactions, and document handling.

Equally important, AllianceBlock is absolutely unique in its approach. To explain, it combines human and machine intelligence to harness the intelligence of groups in decision-making and governance.

What is the ALBT Coin?

To start off, the ALBT coin is the backbone of the AllianceBlock ecosystem.

The coin primarily serves as the exchange, reward, and network fee payment medium. In addition, ALBT will also act as the currency reserve of the ecosystem reserve pool as well as a governance token for voting and power delegation.

What’s more, coin utility and scarcity is further achieved via a number of deflationary features. This includes node staking, liquidity pooling, quarterly revenue-based and activity-based token burns.

Coin Utility

Exchange Medium

As mentioned before, the ALBT coin will be the main exchange medium for services and assets on the platform.


The network participants will take part in the staking protocol. This is expected to be done by setting up an institutional, data, or service node.

Network Fees

As you may have learned from our previous articles, every transaction will require a small fee in ALBT coins.

Means of Reward

Node owners, stakers, and other relevant network participants will get ALBT coins as a reward for maintaining the network.

Token Burn

As per token economics, up to 50% of fees will be automatically confiscated by the Protocol and burned on a quarterly basis.

On our blog, you can read more about the features of the coin in a series of educational articles dedicated to AllianceBock. Check out  ALBT: The AllianceBlock Ecosystem and Token and The ALBT Token Explained.

The ALBT Coin Trading on CoinMetro

CoinMetro’s ALBT listing is the world’s first fiat gateway for the high-potential utility token. That said, the utility and demand for the ALBT coin is well correlated with the development of the AllianceBlock platform and the project’s revenue growth.

The first ever fiat trading pair for AllianceBlock – ALBT/EUR – is live on the CoinMetro platform. Initially, trading will be done via limit orders only. Market orders, the swap widget, and market makers will be added over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t have a CoinMetro account yet? Sign up and complete your KYC to buy your first ALBT coins.