The CoinMetro Bond Launched!


We’re proud to announce that our CoinMetro Bond offering is now live for whitelisted and ICO contributors! Public sale will go live November the 3rd at 12pm GMT!

For the ones not familiar with what we’ve been cooking up, we’d best explain first:

What is the CoinMetro Bond?

The CoinMetro Bond is a way to earn daily interest with an option of getting the rights of shareholders at CoinMetro.

Be part of our vision of a better financial world where everyone has access to banking and investment products. We are here to do things right and focus on the long term goals.
Join us on this ride of fixing finance, the right way.

The global cryptocurrency market cap is currently over €300 billion. The top 10 crypto exchanges are making north of millions of Euros worth of profit per day. The market is still very new and there’s room for competitors. There’s also more rules and regulations in the industry, the compliant ones will remain and emerge.

Imagine being able to invest in Coinbase equity back in 2013. This was not an option for the little guys. In fact, this was an option for only a select few with deep pockets. Today Coinbase is worth €6 billion. So grab your first dibs and invest in the CoinMetro Bond now!

coinmetro bond own a piece

When we say – own a piece of CoinMetro, we mean own a piece of CoinMetro. You can invest in our bond that pays you daily interest and at the end of the 2 year term either redeem your investment in XCM tokens or convert to equity like tokens at a €50M valuation. 

What Do I Get?

By investing in the CoinMetro Bond tokens you will be paid daily interest starting from 8% per year.

For example:
Investing €1000 at the base rate will make you a profit of €160 in two years.

Want a higher interest rate? Lock XCM and get up to 11% per year.

For example:
Investing €10 000 and locking 50 000 XCM tokens will return a profit of €2200 in two years.

Read more about the tiers and interest rates in our support knowledge base.

coinmetro bond deal

Why CoinMetro?

CoinMetro was built with a vision that all of us collectively can build the future of finance. And we don’t mean just the team or our customers, we mean everyone that’s interacting within the blockchain space and elsewhere. People deserve products that suit their needs, today.

Whether you’re new to investing, an institutional investor or just want to store and spend your finances. With CoinMetro, you can. We are redefining how people invest, spend and save. 

We have built a state of the art trading platform – all of the tools that a pro trader needs but also simple enough for a newcomer to buy, sell and swap crypto assets in just a few clicks. Our products include:


  • Crypto Exchange
  • Margin Platform
  • Copy Trading
  • Securities Investment Platform

We’ve put the hard work in – built the technology, obtained licensing and partnerships to finally bring people tomorrow’s finance products, today. And now we are ready to take it to the next level and scale up. And you have the opportunity to back our vision and get a piece of the pie as well.

And… We are growing fast 😉coinmetro growthSo, don’t miss out, hop over to our security token platform and grab yourself a piece of the pie!