CoinMetro Platforms

An Overview of the CoinMetro Platforms

CoinMetro launched its long-awaited platforms in December 2018. Before the launch we were overFUDed, and look where we are now! The three CoinMetro Platforms are LIVE, with new pairs added on a regular basis. CoinMetro as an ecosystem CoinMetro is so much more than a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an all-in-one licensed tokenized platform with […]

Crypto Scams

Common Crypto Scams

There are two sides of the crypto coin, and one of them is not bright. Scam is inevitable in any profitable and fast-evolving industry. The blockchain industry is no exception. What do crypto enthusiasts and investors need to be aware of? What are the most common crypto scams you need to avoid? Scam ICOs A […]

Crypto Apps for iOS and Android

Handy Crypto Apps for iOS and Android

There are dozens of desktop and mobile applications for all things crypto. But why do you need crypto apps anyway? It’s all about instant availability, really. Installing a crypto app on your mobile device allows you to access current prices and news, check your balance, and make transactions on the move. It’s easy to get […]

CoinMetro Is Live

CoinMetro Is Live!

This is it. The wait is finally over. Say hello to the CoinMetro Platforms! Not one, not two, but three platforms are now LIVE! Each one carefully designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and generally awesome. There’s Something For Everyone! Just starting out in the Crypto-verse, never exchanged, or traded crypto before? The Simple Exchange is […]

Digital Wallet, Card, or Coin

Moontec’18 Inspired: Digital Wallet, Card, or Coin?

Which payment method do you prefer: digital wallet, card, or coin? Which one works best for you, and which one is safest? In today’s blog post, we’ll have a look at each payment method, their pros and cons. Digital Wallet Definition A digital wallet is a software-based system for making e-commerce transactions. Having a digital […]