Intermediate Advanced Platform

CoinMetro Announces Intermediate Advanced Platform

It’s not just our native token, XCM, that’s going LIVE on Friday – don’t forget to check your mailbox if you’re signed up – but CoinMetro’s Platforms have just become one UI more exciting! BEFORE: The Simple Exchange, The Intermediate Exchange, The Trade View Before, we had three intuitive, user-friendly, and absolutely awesome user interfaces […]

CoinMetro Platforms

An Overview of the CoinMetro Platforms

CoinMetro launched its long-awaited platforms in December 2018. Before the launch we were overFUDed, and look where we are now! The three CoinMetro Platforms are LIVE, with new pairs added on a regular basis. CoinMetro as an ecosystem CoinMetro is so much more than a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an all-in-one licensed tokenized platform with […]

Cryptocurrency Related Crimes and Investigation Challenges

Moontec’18 Inspired: Cryptocurrency Related Crimes and Investigation Challenges

As long as there is blockchain, there will be cryptocurrency related crimes that pose a real challenge to law enforcement agencies. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that comes to mind when dealing with blockchain. The bad news is, blockchain related crimes don’t end with Bitcoin. There are plenty more cryptocurrencies and ways to use them […]

What are ERC-20 Tokens?

What are ERC-20 Tokens?

We are used to saying “coins” and “tokens” all the time, but sometimes, “ERC-20 tokens” pop up. What are these tokens? Is there any difference? Stay calm and read on for an explanation! What is ERC-20? According to Wikipedia, ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to: XRP

A Comprehensive Guide to: XRP

Are you ready to take a dive in the world of Ripple? Welcome aboard! Many of you have heard of Ripple or maybe even invested in it. Ripple is currently the third cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. So what exactly is it and what is its value on Blockchain? Ripple in a Nutshell […]