Crypto Is Changing The World

How Crypto Is Changing The World

You may ask how crypto is changing the world. To be honest, it’s hard to think of an existing industry that isn’t likely to be disrupted by blockchain and crypto. That being said, we can now see some emerging trends concerning particular use cases of blockchain-based systems that really stand out from the crowd. Micropayments […]

CoinMetro's Three Crypto Platforms Explained

CoinMetro’s Three Crypto Platforms Explained

CoinMetro launched its three crypto platforms in December 2018. But our entire enterprise stands for so much more than a simple cryptocurrency exchange. It is an all-in-one licensed tokenized platform with exclusive features that is transforming the fintech scene as you know it. CoinMetro drives blockchain innovation forward, making it simple, available, and accessible to […]

How to Trade Crypto for Intermediates

How to Trade Crypto for Intermediates: Part I

Have you already tried your now-experienced hand at trading cryptos and own several coins, or maybe even tokens? Great! Today’s blog post is for you! If you’re just starting your amazing journey in the crypto-sphere, don’t feel sad, because CoinMetro covered trading cryptocurrencies for beginners last year, in two parts. Novice traders, you’re wanted in […]

The Future of Crypto

The Future of The Crypto World

The past of cryptocurrencies appears chaotic – everything from launches to oblivions to booms, storms, and explosions. The present looks reasonably stable, be it a bearish or bullish market, with a new, established blockchain and crypto realm, great potential, and new heights to be looking forward to! What about the future? What does the future […]

CoinMetro Q1 2019

Everything CoinMetro Accomplished in Q1 2019

Q1 is done and over. CoinMetro has achieved a lot in the past three months. Let’s have a little throwback at what’s been done and which milestones the amazing team and community of CoinMetro can brag about! XCM landed in February 2019 CoinMetro hit its first milestone of 2019 in February. We launched our exchange […]