Why I Believe in Crypto

Guest Post: Why I Believe in Crypto

I believe in Crypto because it has the unprecedented potential to give a voice to the voiceless. For far too long now, disenfranchised people around the world have had to resolve themselves to the unfair social order created by governments and people with power far exceeding theirs. When we live in a world where billions […]

Tokenized Asset Management

Tokenized Asset Management From A to Z

Every coinmetromaniac knows that Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) is a unique concept developed in-house by the CoinMetro team. Basically, it’s a super easy way to partner up with a pro trader: invest however much you want in your TAM account, and a professional trader will readily take over the investing part for you! Why the […]

Crypto Loans: An Amazing Business Idea?

Crypto Loans: An Amazing Business Idea?

The creation of digital currencies was just the beginning of the Crypto-verse of Things. The rise of cryptocurrencies urged the launch of new trading exchange platforms as well as the creation of revolutional digital products and services – crypto loans among them. Crypto online loans is an amazing business idea that will drive the growth […]

Cryptofunds Pushing Traditional Investment Aside

Cryptofunds Pushing Traditional Investment Aside

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for new Crypto-products is rising. Our upcoming articles will give you a proper insight into cryptofunds, cryptoloans, and unique concepts developed by CoinMetro in a series of blog posts, so let’s start with traditional vs cryptocurrency investment. Last year was record-breaking for the launch of cryptofunds. There […]

Key Crypto People

Key Players in the Crypto-Verse

We always discuss ideas, but rarely the Crypto people behind the ideas. Cryptocurrencies are hotter than ever, so we decided to dedicate one of our articles to the biggest names in the Crypto-verse. How many have you never heard of? For those hoping to find out something about Satoshi Nakamoto, there’ll be no mention of […]