Crypto and Blockchain Events

Crypto and Blockchain Events This Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to start anew. How many of you have never been to massive blockchain and crypto events? Those are a thing. There are many of them taking place globally every month. The CoinMetro team does regular blog posts on the best blockchain and crypto events worldwide, and this spring is no […]

New Cryptos

Have You Heard of This Crypto?

We must all know the names of the world’s most popular cryptos by heart. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON… the list goes on. What about lesser known cryptocurrencies that have a lot of hidden potential? The coins we’re going to talk about today are more specialized, but definitely worth your attention. Have you […]

Paralelni Polis

Paralelni Polis – A Crypto and Blockchain Haven

Paralelni Polis is Paradise for crypto enthusiasts and crypto-anarchists. If you’ve heard of this crypto and blockchain haven, or even been there, good for you. If not, our today’s blog post is for you. Once you get to Paralelni Polis, there’s no way back. Not really, but you’ll definitely want to visit it again and […]

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

Things in the crypto market change in a single day. Did anything change for the better this month? Let’s find out! Here’s a crypto market review for February 2019! New 2019 high… and low February 23 saw a new high in the crypto market. As predicted by the crypto experts, Bitcoin managed to break the […]

Safest Ways to Store Crypto

Top 3 Safest Ways to Store Crypto

As we’ve been in the bear market for some time now, many of us are looking to hodl. To do that, we need to make sure we keep our crypto safe. We must also remember that it’s not only about hodling, but also about being generally safe rather than sorry. There are many people out […]