CoinMetro Platforms

An Overview of the CoinMetro Platforms

CoinMetro launched its long-awaited platforms in December 2018. Before the launch we were overFUDed, and look where we are now! The three CoinMetro Platforms are LIVE, with new pairs added on a regular basis. CoinMetro as an ecosystem CoinMetro is so much more than a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an all-in-one licensed tokenized platform with […]

Top Crypto Podcasts

Top Crypto Podcasts

Do you find it difficult to cope with all the information that comes at you? Or maybe you can’t make time to read? The new era of audio, podcast, makes it easier for you to select information very carefully or use the time you spend doing your chores to learn. Podcast as a modern social […]

Ways to Learn About Blockchain and Crypto

Ways to Learn About Blockchain and Crypto

With the appearance of the Internet, learning opportunities multiplied. These days, learning online is a most common thing. There’s no area you can’t learn about. Blockchain and crypto enthusiasts can find all the information they need on the Web – from insightful educational articles to interactive courses. What options do you have and what are […]

Crypto and Singapore

Crypto and Singapore: A Match Made in Heaven

Singapore has big plans for crypto. So big it’s making news. Singapore is in the crypto spotlight because the country is not trying to create a short-term hype, but has a mature plan to become the world’s first country to fully embrace and integrate crypto into its economy. FinTech Singapore The mission of Singapore’s central […]

Will Bitcoin Go Back Up

Will Bitcoin Go Back Up?

What will the price of Bitcoin and major altcoins be in 2019? Will it remain the same? This is an inevitable question for every crypto enthusiast and investor. We’ve been in a bear market for quite some time now, but is there hope for the better? Many crypto experts have shared their perspective on whether […]