May 2019 Crypto Market Review

May 2019 Crypto Market Review

We absolutely LOVED May as new records for 2019 were broken and a lot of cryptos have joined the roller-coaster price rally. A Brief Market Wrap-Up This month, the price of Bitcoin has set a new record for 2019, reaching $8,905 but then retracing slightly. As it often happens, following another 2019 high, the crypto […]

Blockchain & Crypto Events This Summer

Blockchain & Crypto Events This Summer

Summer is not all sunshine and beach. Reading the title of our today’s blog post, can you already feel the refreshing blockchain & crypto buzz and breeze? There are amazing industry events inviting you to attend from every corner of the globe. Here are the must-attend blockchain & crypto events this summer! June 2019 The […]

Crypto Is Changing The World

How Crypto Is Changing The World

You may ask how crypto is changing the world. To be honest, it’s hard to think of an existing industry that isn’t likely to be disrupted by blockchain and crypto. That being said, we can now see some emerging trends concerning particular use cases of blockchain-based systems that really stand out from the crowd. Micropayments […]

Crypto Education

Crypto Education: A Growing Trend

10 years ago, it was hard to believe that colleges and universities would offer something as innovative as courses on blockchain and crypto. Yet this has become our reality. With the popularization of the Internet, crypto education opportunities multiplied. Considering the rising interest, the world’s higher education institutions are now offering more and more courses, […]

CoinMetro the Best Crypto Exchange

3 Reasons Why CoinMetro Is the Best Crypto Exchange!

If you’ve been following us on our social media channels, you may’ve noticed that we’ve been asking you for your reasons why choose CoinMetro. Is it the team, the community, the products and services, or everything combined? Today, we’ll highlight the three absolute reasons why we think CoinMetro is the best crypto exchange! YES, WE […]