Stash vs Robinhood

Stash vs Robinhood

  • Micro-investing app Stash was founded in 2015 – two years after Robinhood had made huge waves with its offering of commission-free trading.
  • Stash is currently unable to offer cryptocurrency investment options.
  • Cue CoinMetro if crypto is your final destination.

With everything happening around Robinhood, low-fee trading and investing platforms have surged in popularity. If you think you’re missing out, have a great read about what happened to Robinhood and Robinhood competitors in our recent blog post.

In a series of related articles, we’ve already reviewed Webull vs Robinhood and Etrade vs Robinhood. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at another Robinhood alternative – Stash.

What is Stash?

Stash was founded in 2015 – two years after Robinhood had made huge waves with its offering of commission-free trading, which raised questions later.

Stash is different from other micro-investing apps in that it gives new users actual investment recommendations to best suit their goals – after giving answers to some related questions.

We highly recommend Stash for beginners as it provides thorough guidance. When comparing Robinhood to Etrade, we found out that the former only has a learning centre that lacks guidance for novice investors. Taking that into account, it can be said that Robinhood is best suited for more seasoned users.

Stash vs Robinhood: Overview of the Main Features


Domestic stock fundsYesYes
International stock fundsYesYes
Short sellingYesNo
Fractional sharesYesYes


The only no for Stash is also very disappointing for crypto people. An overall great app, it doesn’t offer cryptocurrency. As stated on the official website, the team is looking into this issue for the future, but there is no set timeline.

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