6 Million XCM Raise Sold Out in 48 Hours!


Once again, we have been shown incredible support from our beloved Coinmetro community. We’re grateful and appreciative of how successful you make the campaigns we create.

Within only 48 hours, our 6 million XCM raise was fully subscribed!

Why Raise 6 Million XCM?

We wanted to give our community the opportunity to get a piece of the company by organizing the XCM Raise, where one could swap their XCM for a piece of equity.

At a valuation of €180 million and an XCM price of €0.60, we decided to give away 2% of the equity in the form of 6 million XCM.

This raise would help us replenish our treasury and give the opportunity to our community to do something else with their XCM other than only staking it.

Coinmetro will continue to develop projects like this to make our ecosystem as inclusive and accessible as possible.