Safe Investing (2/3)


The Importance of Choosing a Regulated Crypto Exchange


Our Safe Investing blog series carries on with another article focused on the importance of trading and investing with a fully regulated and compliant crypto exchange. One of the main benefits of a regulated exchange is that it helps to prevent fraud. Being overseen by a government agency, a regulated exchange is required to comply with certain rules and regulations that are designed to provide a level of protection for investors


Anybody can be targeted by fraud and hacks. However, when you invest with a fully regulated and compliant crypto exchange like Coinmetro, you have the certainty that we strive to provide a safe and transparent ecosystem. Our platform is safeguarded by active governmental regulation, as well as our own in-house technology and third parties, fighting against any illicit activity. Let’s see what these measures are and why investing with a regulated crypto exchange is essential to everybody.


Why Regulation Is Important for You

In case you were wondering, there are currently roughly 25,000 traditional banking institutions worldwide. In comparison, between 500-1000 crypto exchanges are functioning at the moment. However, a large number of these have just popped out and are unregulated, making them questionable as institutions. Moreover, in the next bull run, the number of companies offering crypto services will increase significantly. While in theory, more options can be good for the users, the reality shows both regulated and unregulated crypto exchanges can have solvency problems for all kinds of reasons. But if investing is what we are talking about, then trust, regulation, safety and transparency should be the building blocks of this journey.


Back in the late 90s, as e-commerce was taking off, there was an immediate need for more regulation, compliance and fraud prevention because shoppers were at risk. Governmental institutions followed suit and the legislation in place today allows for ecosystems like eBay and Amazon to thrive. 


The right crypto regulatory framework protects the most important thing – the users. On a global scale, we are not there yet. Anybody investing with an unregulated crypto exchange risks losing their funds in a number of ways – companies going out of business, fabricated “hacks”, or poor business practices leaving users locked out of their funds. The truth is, this has recently happened with some of the biggest exchanges in the world as well. It proves that beyond regulation, people need more transparency and accountability from their financial institutions. 


What this means is people-facing Customer Support, open conversations in the Community, clear Development Directions and actually being regulated and accountable by governments.


When you trade and invest with Coinmetro, you actually:

  • Gain access to a safe market, trading legitimate, established crypto assets and blockchain projects. We thoroughly research and risk-assess all assets we list and all partnerships with which we’re involved.
  • Earn crypto with an exchange that puts transparency first and listens to every voice. Every step we take as a company is always discussed with our close community of shareholders and users. How many CEOs have been holding a weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for as long as our People-Person CEO Kevin Murcko? 
  • Rest assured that you will always be notified about risks, costs and charges. Moreover, at Coinmetro, you have some of the lowest fees in the crypto industry.
  • Learn about crypto and blockchain and become a better trader and investor every day. The journey starts in our Learning Labwhere we have made it simple to understand and use the technology.



Regulation Is the Future of Crypto

We’ve said it since we started on this path – the future of crypto is regulation. Beyond offering you world-class crypto products and services, Kevin Murcko (Founder, CEO) and the team are actively working with regulators across the globe to push for a secure investment space where users’ funds are safe and investors are protected. 


It’s important for people to understand that investing with a trusted, licensed and regulated crypto exchange is an essential part of their crypto journey. 


What does this mean for you and Coinmetro?


Coinmetro is an European Union licensed and regulated exchange, holding a license from the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Republic of Estonia


Moreover, we hold active registrations with regulators across the globe:

US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre 

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada 


Additionally, Coinmetro is in the process of applying for a Dubai Virtual Assets MVP license as well as for the registration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.


As a financial institution, Coinmetro is compliant with the active regulation and ensures full transparency and legitimacy in all operations. Moreover, in order to guarantee the security of our users’ funds, we constantly perform several operations meant to prevent against bad actors and keep your favorite crypto exchange safe and secure:


  • Know Your Customer (KYC) – A practice meant to verify users’ identity and provide more transparency of the process.


  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) – A method of ensuring that no assets are being obtained in illicit ways.


  • Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF) – A set of regulations and procedures making it nearly impossible to fund terrorism with digital assets.


When you invest and trade with Coinmetro, you can be sure your funds and account are safe and you can benefit from some of the most innovative crypto products on market today.




Here for the Next Bull Run

We are spending this bear market by further developing our products and technology and laying the groundwork for a wider regulatory framework that protects users and gives legitimacy to the incoming global crypto adoption. This also means Kevin and the team are flying all over the world to speak at acclaimed blockchain and crypto events. Last year we carried the Coinmetro flag at Crypto Gibraltar, Nordic Fintech Week in Copenhagen, DeFi Conf in Belfast, Gitex in Dubai, Bitcoin Amsterdam. 


Watch this interview with Kevin in Nordic Fintech Magazine talking about the foundational role crypto regulation plays in the coming years.


To learn more about regulation, security and safety, dive deep into our Learning Lab where we have specialized curated content making your crypto journey meaningful and productive:


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We will be here for the next bull run! Will you?

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