Revealed: CoinMetro’s Most Traded Crypto is…


CoinMetro has been open for business, read buying and trading crypto, for quite some time now. The CoinMetro Team – and you – are very fond of stats, so we decided to have a look at the most recent volume of CoinMetro’s pairs.

What do you think CoinMetro’s most traded crypto is? The answer will follow…

A Throwback to December 2018

Do you remember that CoinMetro went live right before Christmas – just in time for the festive season? A nice present to our community, we thought.

Now, two months later, you have nine popular pairs as well as crosses to choose from:





In January, many of you eagerly took part in our Twitter poll on your most favorite pair, which turned out to be XRP/EUR. Here’s a visual breakdown:

Most Favorite Pair

What happened next?

The launch of XCM, CoinMetro’s native token.

XCM is exclusively available on the CoinMetro exchange platform, and all of the services we offer via these platforms are paid for in XCM. So, it’s a super important token, with a super important purpose!

CoinMetro’s most traded crypto pair today is…

…but you already know where it’s headed.

We’re sorry if you took a different guess, but CoinMetro’s most traded pair at the time of writing this blog post is XCM/EUR! Here are more visuals for you:

CoinMetro's Most Traded Pair

Not bad, don’t you think? Have you bought some XCM yet?

If the answer is negative, you can do it right now by signing in to your CoinMetro account. Oh, you’re new? Not a problem! Sign up, follow our KYC instructions, and you’ll get there!

Enjoy your weekend, CoinMetroids!

The CoinMetro Team