Quant Staking has ended

*** Quant Staking is over. But we hope to bring back a more robust, sustainable solution in the future.

We’re throwing out great news like nothing else nowadays. Let me introduce to you – quant staking! Bring your QNT over to CoinMetro and earn up to 5%!

Already know what Quant is and totally Quamfy with them? Hop on over to CoinMetro and deposit your Quant to earn your staking rewards! Want to learn more about what this is and how our Quant staking works? Keep on reading and all will become clear 🙂


What is Quant Staking?

quant staking rewards

First let’s briefly touch on what staking is. Staking is a process of confirming transactions on a blockchain. Think of mining that does not require as much computing power or energy.

Whereas with a proof of work algorithms, miners confirm the validity of transactions, in a proof of stake version, it is done by people who lock up a certain amount of the cryptocurrency in the protocol.

So, this brings us to Quant staking on CoinMetro. We’ve built this  to test a user friendly model with a low barrier to entry to give the opportunity of earning staking rewards for your Quant on CoinMetro.

Usually you need a rather substantial amount of crypto locked up to start earning rewards. 32 ETH for example if you with to collect Ethereum staking rewards. Considering today’s market price, this may not be the amount you wish to start exploring staking with.

On CoinMetro we don’t have a minimum amount required for staking. You can earn 2.5-5% on the amount of Quant deposited. The higher the amount, the higher the returns.


How Does it Work?

quant staking

It’s pretty simple!

All you need to do is deposit Quant to your CoinMetro account. No need to lock anything or opt in, simply deposit Quant into your main wallet and you will start earning your Quant staking rewards.

Don’t have any Quant? Don’t worry, you can buy it on CoinMetro 🙂

From the moment Quant is received in your wallet you will start to accrue your staking rewards. The rewards accrue daily and are paid out every month into your account.

The Quant staking rewards are paid in our native token XCM. This is our platform token, which all of our fees are transacted in. Also, one of the hottest tokens this year, so you should definitely take advantage of it. Locking XCM also gives you rewards, which you can read more about here.

The rewards will be visible in the “Transaction history” on your CoinMetro dashboard, showing as a pending bonus. This is pinned to the top of the transaction list, easy to find, you can’t miss it.

The accrued XCM will automatically be credited to your CoinMetro account wallet balance and show as available on the 16th of each month. This is when all of your accrued XCM is moved to your main wallet where you can use it freely to trade, swap or lock into our ecosystem for greater rewards. 

Currently, QNT holders will be paid at a fixed rate of 2.5% per year. You can earn a fixed rate of  up to 5% per year if you belong to one of our rebate tiers by buying and locking up XCM. You can join or leave a tier any time, the accrued rewards will not be affected. Only future rewards would move up to down between 2.5% and 5%.

You can withdraw and deposit QNT any time, it will just change the amount which the staking reward is based on. The accrued rewards are based on the EUR equivalent of QNT on your account during the daily snapshot.

What is Quant?

Did you get this far but not yet acquainted with Quant? Let me tell you what Quant is, why you should love it and why we believe in them so much.

Quant is a network connecting DLTs.

Interoperability of blockchains is quite the issue in the industry and Quant is here to solve it. They’ve developed Overledger OS – the world’s first DLT operating system for Enterprise that delivers interoperability between different DLTs, as well as existing platforms, business applications and networks. Read more about what is Quant.

So, we see it natural to believe in Quant if you believe in blockchain tech. On top of the apparent demand in the industry, their team is also very knowledgable and driven to succeed.


Start Staking!

I hope I’ve answered all of your questions. What are the next steps now? Head over to CoinMetro, get yourself some Quant and start staking!