Qredo & Vesper now trading on CoinMetro


Announcement: CoinMetro has opened trading for QRDO & VSP.

New Trading Pairs: QRDO/USD and VSP/USD

*** Limit Orders Only – These assets are currently only available via limit orders on our main exchange platform. Market orders & swaps for QRDO and VSP will be enabled in the near future. We will also be looking to support additional fiat pairs such as EUR based on demand. 

Qredo – QRDO

Qredo is a promising new project working to build the digital asset economy of the future. The Qredo network is a ‘radical new infrastructure’ to improve interoperability among blockchains, speed of settlements, and decentralized custody.

Their ERC-20 token, QRDO, has a unique focus on user-centric tokenomics. This Layer 2 solution combines both utility and governance tokens to reward all network participants.

Vesper – VSP

With a full suite of yield-generating products, Vesper is focused on accessibility, optimization, and longevity. At its core, it’s a DeFi ecosystem & growth engine for cryptocurrency assets. The entire ecosystem is governed by the VSP token.

Also an ERC-20 token, VSP gives holders voting rights for proposals on the network as well as the opportunity to passively accumulate even more VSP.

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