Qredo Crypto: Brief FAQ


What is Qredo crypto, and why has Coinmetro opened QRDO/USD for trading?

Qredo is a breakthrough of a network designed and architectured to solve blockchain’s technical challenges. The network stands for instant trading, atomic swaps, and lending within a secure, hardware hardened decentralized network.

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What is the Qredo Network?

Qredo is a Layer 2 digital asset tracking and settlement infrastructure using cryptographically provable security to eliminate the risks of dealing in crypto assets, enabling real-time asset transfer, atomic swaps, and lending.

New to the term “Layer 2”? A secondary framework or protocol that is added on top of an existing blockchain system is known as Layer 2 (L2). The principal objective of L2 protocols is to address the scale and transaction performance issues that the major cryptocurrency networks are facing.


What makes Qredo unique?

So, the Qredo Network is unique in a number of ways:

  • Eliminating theft as a result of the MPC protocol design;
  • Recording ownership of a crypto asset on the network’s distributed ledger;
  • Enabling instant transfers and atomic swaps;
  • Providing extreme privacy.


Does the Qredo Network have a token?

Yes. QRDO is an ERC-20 utility and governance token for the Qredo Network.


How is QRDO different from all other tokens?

Essentially, the underlying tokenomic model of QRDO offers rewards to all network participants.

As a result, this user-centric model is based entirely on incentives to drive user activity and participation. In turn, user participation not only drives the economic activity on the Qredo network, but also results in even greater network security.


I want to learn more!

Looking to learn more about Qredo crypto? The Qredo Token in a Nutshell is our comprehensive guide to the Qredo cryptoverse.


Trading QRDO on Coinmetro

Qredo crypto was opened for trading on Coinmetro’s main exchange platform in 2021.

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