QRDO – Token for the Qredo Network


The Qredo Network (QRDO) is a radically new approach to the safekeeping, delivery, and settlement of crypto assets. Why is the QRDO token popular and is worth considering as an investment?


The Network Becomes the Vault

The idea behind Qredo is pretty straightforward: the network becomes the vault. A distributed network ledger records the ownership of a crypto asset. To explain, multi-party computation (MPC) nodes that run an MPC protocol are used for each crypto asset. As a result, this unique design makes the Qredo Network fail-free and removes the risks related to trading in crypto assets.

What’s more, behind the Qredo network you will find the Tendermint protocol consisting of two crucial technical components: a blockchain consensus engine and a generic application interface. This technology enables asset settlement and delivery on the underlying blockchain in less than one second!

Just as importantly, Qredo is a Layer 2 network that is fully interoperable with Layer 1 networks.


The QRDO Token

QRDO is the token for the Qredo network. It is an ERC-20 utility and governance token.

We know the behavior and motivation of users isdifferent, that’s why Qredo designed a novel user-centric tokenomic model to offer rewards to all types of network participants.

To add, this model bases entirely on incentives – to boost the economic activity on the network and its security.


Trade QRDO on Coinmetro

Did you know that the QRDO/USD pair is available for trading on Coinmetro’s main exchange platform? 

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