(Update: Now Ended) QNT Staking Extended

*Update* QNT staking was a huge success and has now ended. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s up next!

Since we opened up QNT staking on the CoinMetro platform, we have received an amazing response. The Quant community is incredibly strong. They share the long term vision we have at CoinMetro about the future of tokenization, the promise of blockchain technology, and the incredible value of well built ecosystems. It is becoming very clear that Quant Network will be at the core of the future of finance.

We want to with adoption and exposure by incentivizing participation. So we are officially extending the QNT Staking Rewards program by another €20,000!

Helping “Quamfy” Holders Since 2019

CoinMetro has been established as an exchange that lists quality projects and provides several fantastic investment opportunities. QNT was one of the first examples of this. It was just €3 when it became available to trade on our platform. Soon thereafter, the price shot up drastically. QNT is now priced at over €30! 

Back in 2019, we identified Quant as a very promising project. But it was lacking quality exchanges and fiat on/off ramps to trade this exciting asset and participate in their ecosystem.. CoinMetro filled that void and provided much needed support to the Quamfy community! We continue to add new pairs and work on liquidity. 

After seeing the optimism & power of the Quant community, we wanted to do more! In December 2020 we launched QNT Staking Rewards. Read more about the QNT Staking program here.

Within the first 48 hours, over 100,000 QNT was deposited to the platform. That number has skyrocketed to more than 450,000 QNT on deposit at CoinMetro and every last one of them is earning Staking Rewards. That’s over $15,000,000!

More than just QNT Staking

You may have seen a challenge we recently posed to QNT holders on Twitter. The challenge was VERY quickly accepted and surpassed. As promised, CoinMetro is looking forward to adding the QNT/BTC trading pair very soon!

We intend to operate an exchange gateway and support Quant Network with any additional services as we recognise that many projects lack support from exchanges. Most wish to charge a fortune for listings and marketing activities which offer little value to the project. We understand the needs of a business like Quant, many will need exchanges to support treasury integrations, somewhere their regulated partners can safely and securely buy QNT to access products and services of Quant Network.

Why Earn XCM as Rewards?

CoinMetro’s native token is XCM is the fuel that powers our entire ecosystem! The token has use cases everywhere you look on the platform.

Locking is perhaps the best use of the XCM, as you can increase the rewards for QNT Staking. By locking XCM you will get into one of our three tiers that come with a variety of benefits & rewards! These benefits include earning rebates from any trading fees you may incur. The higher your tier, the higher your rebates will be.

In fact, the staking rewards for QNT will be 2.5% for those not in a tier. But if you get into any one of the tiers you’ll earn DOUBLE that (%). It’s a beautiful cycle of passive income!

There’s been over over 7 million XCM locked already!

QNT Staking rewards are paid in XCM. The amount of XCM locked on CoinMetro is rising dramatically.

Other benefits from the locking tiers include higher rewards from investing in our digital securities marketplace, early access to new features, flash sales, and other big events.

You may also find that holding all the XCM you earn is an awesome value in and of itself. ALL fees  collected by CoinMetro are used to buy back XCM and 50% of that is then taken out of circulation. It’s sent to a vault which currently holds around 3 million XCM. You can see the vault here.

Users recieve XCM as a reward for QNT Staking and the value of XCM has grown tremendously since the start of 2021.

The value of this asset is growing rapidly and CoinMetro has big plans for the token in the future. We will even be launching XCM Staking in Q1!

Stay tuned…

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a CoinMetro account today and start earning! And make sure to join our fun community of CoinMetroids on our official Telegram channel.