Public Launch – A Milestone


Public launch is a roadmap milestone for every founder. It’s a crucial event in every startup’s history, when all eyes and public attention is on what’s coming. A public launch is difficult enough to handle, and the pressure coming from the investors, contributors, and the community only adds to the feeling of anxiety. As we once wrote, you can’t rush excellence.

All good things take time, but the point of going public with the final product comes eventually. It can be very hectic, and startups often forget about what’s important – the essentials. What are they?

1. Standing your ground and knowing your story

It is important to know your story inside out, and know how to tell it. There are many ways to do it, and we at CoinMetro know very well what works best – business cases and elevator pitches.

A business case contains more details and is very good for attracting potential investors. An elevator pitch, on the contrary, is good for the general public as it keeps your story short and sweet.

Writing a catchy elevator pitch is an art as it basically includes telling your story and saying why you’re different in just a few sentences. Can you do that? If you can’t, you need to redefine your message to make sure it hits home.

2. Attracting the press

Going public can be overwhelming and prevent the bright minds behind the startup from thinking clearly, but reaching out to the press is a must. Getting in the media spotlight plays a huge role in attracting public attention.

Think about how you will reach the media – through a person in your company or a media agency. The latter might be a good choice if you don’t have a PR specialist yet or if you’re too busy with making the final touches to your product.

3. Staying with the community

Last but not least… no matter how hectic the times are, always be present within your community. Celebrate your supporters and your own people. Keep in mind that acknowledging dedication and hard work can be miraculous!

4. Doing something unusual

Because why not? Preparing elevator pitches, attracting the press, and communicating with the public is a goldie but an oldie. Try to really stand out during the release phase and think about doing something unusual!

You can create a teaser video, start a countdown, make a funny video starring you and your people – it’s all up to you, but let them go, “Wow, I wonder what that’s all about! I think I need to check them out!”

To sum it up, make your public launch a blast. Start planning everything early and don’t worry if you’re a little past your deadline. In the end, the quality of the product and the memorable release are the only things that really matter.

All the best!

The CoinMetro Team