PRQ & QNT Margin Trading


More assets are being added to CoinMetro’s margin trading platform! PRQ & QNT margin trading are now live.

Quant – QNT Margin Trading

QNT is paired with both USD & EUR on the CoinMetro margin trading platform. How’s that for quamfy? We love the Quant product, vision, and of course, the community! We’ve seen so much support that CoinMetro is now the #1 place to buy QNT.

Therefore, everyone here is very happy to be giving back to the community by offering new trading options, including the first & only QNT margin trading pairs in the world! Traders can multiply their earnings with 5:1 leverage on QNT/USD & QNT/EUR margin pairs. It’s just yet another reason CoinMetro is the best fiat gateway in crypto!

Parsiq – PRQ Margin Trading

You’ll also find Parsiq listed on the margin trading platform! PRQ paired with EUR. The Parsiq community is a big part of the CoinMetroid family and we’re excited to be able to offer the world’s first PRQ margin pair.

Traders on CoinMetro have the option to leverage their assets and trade with 5x the power on the PRQ/EUR margin pair.

Ready to start margin trading?

If you don’t have a verified account with CoinMetro yet, sign up today! If you’re thinking about getting into QNT margin trading, or any margin trading for that matter, be aware this is only for more advanced traders. CoinMetro tries to ensure our users never get rekt, but please do plenty of research and practice before deciding you’re ready for leverage trading.

QNT Margin Trading is advanced trading.
Margin trading is not for beginners.

Things to remember

On CoinMetro’s margin trading platform, a trader’s account is not able to go below zero. A core philosophy of ours is to help our community find success. Therefore, all negative margin positions are automatically closed if the total collateral value drops by -70%.

While we are currently in the process of acquiring licensing that will allow us to increase this, CoinMetro currently offers up to 5:1 leverage. This means if you have $100, you can multiply both the profits AND losses as if you were trading with $500.

Margin trading requires collateral. Traders can use BTC, ETH, EUR, and/or USD as collateral to open leveraged positions. But we’re working to bring more options here in the future!

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