PARSIQ PRQ Primary Issuance


Today, CoinMetro is hosting the primary issuance of PRQ!

First things first: What is a Primary Issuance?

Primary Issuances are those that list an asset publicly for the first time, meaning that the asset in question is not available to the public elsewhere or on any other platform at the time of listing – the token is exclusively available on CoinMetro.

Listed tokens will be offered to our users directly from the issuer. Our platform has a built-in participant protection mechanism, which will protect token buyers against potential critical failures in the projects development.

Added protection for contributors is something unique in the crypto industry! Funds collected with primary issuance are released to the project incrementally after reaching predetermined milestones, token holders who purchase the tokens during the token issuance have the power to vote on a partial refund of the funds withheld by CoinMetro from the project. This applies in the event that these milestones are not met.

Our first Primary Issuance – PRQ 

The first company performing a token issuance on CoinMetro is PARSIQ – an analytics and monitoring platform created to prevent fraud and illegitimate activities on the blockchain, offering services to both B2B and B2C customers. Be the first one to get your hands on PRQ tokens!

The whitelist sale is NOW LIVE as of September 30th. 

PARSIQ’s PRQ Value Proposition 

The PRQ utility token is based on a ERC-20 protocol. Here is why we think it is worth considering:

  • PARSIQ already has a working product! 
  • Using PRQ to purchase PARSIQ services will entitle you to substantial discounts;
  • Buying PRQ from the Whitelist Sale or Token Sale will mean you are eligible for additional free bonus tokens;
  • There is an element of participant protection integrated into the Primary Issuance as not all funds from the sale are released to the company at once, but only after agreed milestones are met. The unreleased funds will remain in the custody of CoinMetro and can be redeemed against PRQ tokens under certain circumstances.

Check out details such as dates, token supply, price, bonuses and much more about the Whitelist and Token Sale from the CoinMetro dashboard.

We at CoinMetro believe that PARSIQs platform with new generation of blockchain monitoring tools will help to make crypto a more transparent and safer place to trade.

How to participate? 

  1. Sign up or log in to your CoinMetro account (completed KYC is required);
  2. Deposit EUR, BTC or ETH to the CoinMetro platform; and
  3. Purchase the desired amount of PRQ.

To participate in the Whitelist Sale purchase 100 CoinMetro XCM Tokens and lock them in for the duration of the sale using the Lock button. Participating in the following Token Sale does not require you to own any XCM.

If you have not found answers to your questions, feel free to contact CoinMetro’s friendly support team – they are ready to help 24/7!