AMA Summary – 29th June, 2018

What a week for the industry! This week, Kevin goes over the controversial Facebook Ad reversal, updates on the CoinMetro UX/UI, fights FUD with brass knuckles, and reveals a cool moment of his gaming history. VIDEO ARCHIVE OF THE AMA (YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK) IN THE NEWS #1. IBM’s Head of Blockchain says banking facing its “Uber […]

Estonia is Crypto Friendly

The Most Influential Women in Crypto

For quite a while, the crypto space has been disproportionately dominated by men. There are some deep structural and sociological issues undergirding sexism in the tech industry as a whole, and the blockchain industry is no exception. According to Quartz, “[W]omen are only a small fraction of those holding positions of influence in this new […]

AMA Summary  –  22nd June, 2018

Welcome to the weekly CoinMetro AMA with CEO Kevin Murcko! This week Kevin goes into further details regarding the feedback collected so far from the exchange beta demo, some updates from the crypto world including the Bithumb hack, why he doesn’t drink coffee, and more! VIDEO ARCHIVE OF THE AMA (YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK) IN THE NEWS […]

Top Ten Mistakes in Crypto

Top Ten Mistakes in Crypto

With a steady influx of newcomers entering the crypto space, it’s a good idea to look at some of the most common pitfalls that lead to getting rekt. Even experienced traders and long-time cryptogeeks get burned once in awhile by making one of these common mistakes, but being aware of potential disasters is the best […]

AMA Summary  –  15.06.2018

On this week’s AMA, Kevin goes over the latest news from the Crypto world including the latest on the SEC ruling! He also goes over the beta exchange demo launch, the new survey, hiring updates on CoinMetro’s global team, the newest memes and more! VIDEO ARCHIVES OF THE AMA (YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK) THIS WEEK IN CRYPTO […]