Tokenized Asset Management

Tokenized Asset Management From A to Z

Every coinmetromaniac knows that Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) is a unique concept developed in-house by the CoinMetro team. Basically, it’s a super easy way to partner up with a pro trader: invest however much you want in your TAM account, and a professional trader will readily take over the investing part for you! Why the […]

Crypto Loans: An Amazing Business Idea?

Crypto Loans: An Amazing Business Idea?

The creation of digital currencies was just the beginning of the Crypto-verse of Things. The rise of cryptocurrencies urged the launch of new trading exchange platforms as well as the creation of revolutional digital products and services – crypto loans among them. Crypto online loans is an amazing business idea that will drive the growth […]

CoinMetro Blog - A Brief Introduction to Ethereum

A Brief Introduction to Ethereum

Have you ever wondered what Ethereum is? Or maybe you’ve heard something but want to check if it’s true? Whatever your reason for being here, all your questions will be answered with this our brief introduction to Ethereum. Enjoy!   A Brief History After discovering Bitcoin in 2011, teenage programmer Vitalik Buterin began experimenting with […]

A Comprehensive Guide to: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the Adam of Cryptos and the world’s #1 digital currency. It is proudly called the Digital Gold. Bitcoin has been around since 2009, creating hype and fascination alike, but also baffling people.  Are you one of them? No matter how popular it is, there are those who have no idea about what Bitcoin […]

Cryptofunds Pushing Traditional Investment Aside

Cryptofunds Pushing Traditional Investment Aside

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the demand for new Crypto-products is rising. Our upcoming articles will give you a proper insight into cryptofunds, cryptoloans, and unique concepts developed by CoinMetro in a series of blog posts, so let’s start with traditional vs cryptocurrency investment. Last year was record-breaking for the launch of cryptofunds. There […]