A Comprehensive Guide to: Litecoin

A Comprehensive Guide to: Litecoin

The creator of Litecoin calls it “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”. Litecoin has made it to the top and ranks among the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Our comprehensive guide to Litecoin will give an overview of what it is and why it’s good. What is Litecoin? According to the official website, Litecoin (Ł or […]

Trade View Goes Open Beta

Another week, another round of exciting news. Well then, you should be getting used to it. Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of the promised Trade View Open Beta. What’s the Trade View? CoinMetro’s exchange platform includes three views – Simple, Intermediate, and Trade. Our mantra is crypto for all, and our goal, to […]

What Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Mean for Charities

What Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Mean for Charities?

“Trillions of dollars are misappropriated: it is used for other causes, it’s stolen through over invoicing, it’s stolen under delivery, it’s misused and applied to other causes.” – Rudi Kruger, Founder of Donorcoin Charity and good cause is a popular yet tricky subject. We are very lucky to be sharing this world with so many […]

Why I Believe in Crypto

Guest Post: Why I Believe in Crypto

To believe is to accept a statement as true. And so, I intend to prove that Blockchain is the evolution of the Internet. “Decentralized” and “trustless” are buzz words that start one down the rabbit hole, and, for once, the buzz is true. I believe in crypto because I know that man will always make […]

A Comprehensive Guide to: XRP

A Comprehensive Guide to: XRP

Are you ready to take a dive in the world of Ripple? Welcome aboard! Many of you have heard of Ripple or maybe even invested in it. Ripple is currently the third cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. So what exactly is it and what is its value on Blockchain? Ripple in a Nutshell […]