CoinMetro’s Amazing Story So Far

CoinMetro has been through trials and tribulations, but managed to stay afloat and deliver. We agree, the timing may not have always been perfect, but what really matters is that we’re on the right track, delivering the great products planned in the initial stage. Here’s our amazing story so far! Have we met? CoinMetro is […]

CoinMetro's XCM

CoinMetro’s XCM Is Here!

CoinMetro hit a milestone today. We just launched our exchange token – XCM – with a load of super incentives to help you get involved, including commission-free XCM/EUR trading for the whole of February AND up to 20% discount on commission fees across all pairs! What is XCM? XCM, or COIN, is an ERC-20 utility […]

Intermediate Advanced Platform

CoinMetro Announces Intermediate Advanced Platform

It’s not just our native token, XCM, that’s going LIVE on Friday – don’t forget to check your mailbox if you’re signed up – but CoinMetro’s Platforms have just become one UI more exciting! BEFORE: The Simple Exchange, The Intermediate Exchange, The Trade View Before, we had three intuitive, user-friendly, and absolutely awesome user interfaces […]

Real Estate and Blockchain

Real Estate and Blockchain

Blockchain is finding increasingly more and more application in all fields. Real estate is no exception. How can real estate and blockchain be possibly combined? Our today’s blog post is dedicated to the use of the innovative blockchain technology in the large, ever-developing field of real estate. How can blockchain innovate real estate? Blockchain and […]

XCM is Coming – Are You Ready?

CoinMetro’s Utility Token – XCM – is Coming! Are you Ready?

Today, we officially announced that XCM is coming, with the imminent introduction of the XCM/EUR pair, coming very, very soon to a CoinMetro platform near you! But what does that mean? And why should you be interested? Let’s explain… Wait – What is XCM, Exactly? XCM, or COIN, is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token […]