Most Powerful Women in Crypto

International Women’s Day Special: Most Powerful Women in Crypto Vol.2

With International Women’s Day nearing, we couldn’t help but praise women worldwide and, especially, the powerful women in crypto. We mostly hear about men in crypto, and a lot of women who make things happen are often left behind. Well, not in today’s blog post! We don’t want to go into much detail as to […]

Crypto Portfolio Management Apps

Introducing Crypto Portfolio Management Apps

Keeping track of multiple trading portfolios can be exhausting. Back in the days, traders managed their portfolios in Excel sheets manually… which is even more exhausting. Can you imagine making and updating all the entries with your bare hands? Many buy and sell opportunities have been lost to managing Excel sheets… Here’s when crypto portfolio […]

Smart Crypto Trading Bots

What are Smart Crypto Trading Bots?

Do smart crypto trading bots really work? They come very handy in the crypto markets that never sleep, just like the big cities. Having a bot trading for you during the night might help you avoid disappointment in the morning… as traders’ mornings can be filled with all kinds of surprises! We never underestimate the […]

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

February 2019 Crypto Market Review

Things in the crypto market change in a single day. Did anything change for the better this month? Let’s find out! Here’s a crypto market review for February 2019! New 2019 high… and low February 23 saw a new high in the crypto market. As predicted by the crypto experts, Bitcoin managed to break the […]

What is a stablecoin?

What is a Stablecoin and Why Are There So Many Now?

In the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies, where volatility can sometimes go to the extremes, stablecoin is a phenomenon. Today, you can find a number of them in circulation. The main question is what a stablecoin is and why there are so many of them now. Stablecoin explained A stablecoin is a coin that is […]