Real Estate and Blockchain

Real Estate and Blockchain

Blockchain is finding increasingly more and more application in all fields. Real estate is no exception. How can real estate and blockchain be possibly combined? Our today’s blog post is dedicated to the use of the innovative blockchain technology in the large, ever-developing field of real estate. How can blockchain innovate real estate? Blockchain and […]

XCM is Coming – Are You Ready?

CoinMetro’s Utility Token – XCM – is Coming! Are you Ready?

Today, we officially announced that XCM is coming, with the imminent introduction of the XCM/EUR pair, coming very, very soon to a CoinMetro platform near you! But what does that mean? And why should you be interested? Let’s explain… Wait – What is XCM, Exactly? XCM, or COIN, is an ERC-20 utility token and the native token […]

Crypto Market 2019

How Did 2019 Begin for the Crypto Market?

2018 wasn’t so bright for the crypto market, but we entered 2019 with our chins up and hopes high. How is the start of 2019 looking for the Crypto-verse? Can we say that our optimism is justified? A reasonable start 2019 began with kind of a mixed trend. Why mixed? Whether you’ve been following the […]

Crypto and Blockchain Events 2019

Crypto and Blockchain Events Coming Soon: March 2019

With many of you looking to learn more about blockchain and crypto as well as to meet the like-minded crypto enthusiasts, we hope you enjoy this post and the one we posted on Friday that includes all the major events worldwide you can attend already next month. Today, we’ll focus on the massive events around […]

Crypto and Blockchain Events: February 2019

Crypto and Blockchain Events Coming Soon: February 2019

Due to popular demand, today’s blog post will give you an overview of the crypto and blockchain events coming already next month. If you’ve been anxious to go, but hesitating, here’s a must-attend list of the industry events. The chance is now, take it! Blockchain Goes Hollywood Date: 2019-02-01 – 2019-02-02 Location: Los Angeles, CA […]