New Margin Platform Update


And More Innovation in Spot Exchange, UX/UI & Mobile App

We are happy to introduce several key elements that we’ve been perfecting over the past year – the brand new Coinmetro Margin Exchange, a Spot Exchange update, several important updates for the Mobile App, particularly the Swap Widget, Dashboard, as well as redesigned UX/UI, with a new Markets tool and fresh OLED theme. 


All updates have been designed and implemented with the purpose of giving you a performant, safe and user-friendly experience, while helping you learn and develop your trading skills. 

We would like to celebrate this meaningful step with something that can make a difference for you – a special bonus of $10 for EVERYBODY who performs a trade on the new Margin platform. Read more below to find out how the new changes help your performance and how to claim your bonus so you can start your Margin journey today.



Margin Made Easy

By launching the new Margin Exchange update, we are making a commitment to beginners and pro traders alike – to support EVERYBODY (existing and new users) in their margin trading quest from several angles. To start, we are offering everyone a unique $10 credit bonus. All you have to do is create an account and get verified, or Log-In if you’re already a user, add collateral and perform your first trade on the new platform. Sit back and relax as your bonus will be credited to your balance. Then put it to good use and learn how you can become better in the markets each day. Read Campaign Terms & Conditions.

If you are a seasoned trader, you will find the new exchange is improving where it matters most to you – in ease of use, performance and speed. All this while the new design is keeping you anchored with the facts and figures.

If you are just now discovering margin trading, you have chosen the best platform to begin this journey. Our new product is supported by specialized educational content, curated for your fast and easy onboarding. In the beginning, what matters most is not how much you trade but to become knowledgeable and experienced so you can soon enough start reaping benefits. Learn more about it in our Learning Lab:


Read the Markets by acknowledging the best indicators for swing trading

Understand Bull & Bear Markets to get a deeper sense of market evolution and where margin trading is sitting in this equation.  




Focused on Performance

While trading, it’s important you stay in-the-zone and on top of the markets by effortlessly making the best decisions. For this, we have entirely overhauled the user interface across the platform, now effectively displaying more information, with cleaner and easy-to-read essential data. Here’s how you can start getting an edge in the markets with the Coinmetro Margin Exchange:


  • Up to 5x leverage in a trusted & regulated exchange, up to 250k leverage.
  • Flexible multi-collateral such as EUR, BTC or USDC.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface that helps your performance.
  • Take advantage of both long and short trading – learning how you can benefit regardless of market conditions.


From a design standpoint, the new Margin platform is now more functional and efficient:


  • Collateral Management & Overview – Make better use of your collateral with this improved management and overview tool focusing on transparency and utility.
  • New P/L Performance Meter – Keep better track of your profits and losses with a redesigned overview of the Performance Meter.


Important Updates in Mobile App 

You now have one app for all your crypto needs! This is the most important update to our Mobile App since the first release, pushing forward several improvements. 

Take note of the new Swap Widget, a redesigned Dashboard, an improved Markets tool, and fresh OLED display available from today forward. As design and user experience play a central role in how you interact with the markets, we are also introducing an overall design update with better UX/UI, both for the Mobile App as well as for the web platform. The redesigned Book Order Form and Pair Selection tool both allow you to efficiently evaluate market orders and act with confidence. 

If you’ve been using the Coinmetro Mobile App, then you know it provides everything you’ll ever need in one place. You can be confident all your crypto duties are being well taken care of while on the move, whenever and wherever you need.

Download the latest version now, for iOS or Android, to make sure you can take advantage of all innovations.



A Better Spot Exchange

On our new Spot Exchange, you will notice a completely redesigned desktop platform and new Asset Selection tool, keeping you aware of the most important facts. There’s more for you to discover:


  • Redesigned Book Order Form – Get a better feel for the market flow with the new Order Book redesign, allowing you a deeper understanding of how the markets move in real time.
  • Pair Selection – A more optimal Pair Selection now offers you a smooth and efficient interaction while you choose your preferred asset pairs.


Our premium investment tools make trading simple, safe and are helping you become better in the process.



Are You Becoming a Better Trader with Each Day?

While at the moment no coin or token is going #tothemoon 🌚, we are offering you powerful earning tools that can make a difference for you as a trader and investor. At Coinmetro, Advancing Access For All is our idea about what finance is and will be. It only serves its purpose when every single individual is integrated and can benefit, regardless of their profile or experience. With the new updates on the Margin Platform, Mobile App and Spot Exchange, we are essentially lowering the entry barrier, making margin trading and investment easily accessible for the wider audience. Investing and trading should reward everybody with equal opportunities and this is exactly what you will find by joining the Coinmetro ecosystem.

Make sure you keep an eye out for further educational content on margin trading, market behavior, how to open long and short orders and other investing and trading strategies that can give you an edge in the current market conditions. 


Make good use of the rampant #inflation and learn what it means to you – less money in your pocket, as the fiat currency is thinning out by the day. It’s becoming increasingly clear that people need better earning mechanisms – more accessible, performant and easy to integrate. 




Did you know that Coinmetro is the most trusted crypto exchange on Trustpilot? With such a loyal community, we are always driven to deliver the most groundbreaking solutions for your advancement as a trader and investor. 

Let us know what you think about the new update via Discord and Telegram. To become a user today, Sign-Up now, or head to our new Exchange if you are already registered and experience our premium trading platform.