New Feature: Price Alerts


Keeping You on Top of the Markets 


We are pushing forward yet another important update designed to help and make you a better trader. The new Price Alerts feature keeps you up to date with the price movements of the assets you’re following and allows better decision-making. The tool is now available for both our Mobile App and website as well. Will you be taking advantage?


How Does the Price Alert Work?

You bought some BTC, ETH and XCM and are now carefully following your investment. Depending on the price movements, you might want to sell for a profit or buy more. Because you are a disciplined investor, you have set clear boundaries on which you act with confidence. By using the Coinmetro Price Alerts feature, you’re now instantly notified whenever a certain asset reaches the price you’ve set.


With this new feature, you can always be sure your investment is being carried out according to your plan. Obviously, price movements – positive or negative – are critical for your trading decisions. As nobody can stay glued to a screen 24/7, the Price Alerts feature will instantly notify you with a push notification – giving you the opportunity to act fast.



Benefits of Using the Coinmetro Price Alert

Besides the important advantages described above, using Price Alerts on a constant basis brings several other benefits to you.

Setting Price Alerts on an asset in which you are considering investing will give you a good sense of how it is behaving. It’s one thing to look back at a chart and figure out the price fluctuations in the past. And then it’s another thing to follow an asset closely with the Price Alerts. Doing so in real time gives you a better picture of the asset’s volatility and overall market behavior. In time, you will get a better feel of the pace and sense how you can profit.

If you are margin trading, for instance, incremental price movements will be even more critical to your investment. Small volatility can mean big profits or losses when trading on Margin. It’s important that you are aware of the changes and act fast. Set your investment accordingly and then remain confident. Our new Mobile App will instantly notify you according to your settings. Even with the smallest price shifts, you can take action and secure profits or avoid losses.


How to Use the Coinmetro Price Alerts 

We have designed the new feature so that it helps regardless of your trading profile. More specifically, the tool can be set up in a number of ways, depending on what you are looking for.


If a certain price threshold is what you are interested in, the alert can be set to that specific value. Whenever a particular asset reaches that price, you will be instantly notified, allowing you to buy or sell.


Another way to benefit is to set alerts for the 24 hours interval price change. You might be using DCA (dollar-cost averaging) to scale up your investment over a longer period of time. Your strategy involves buying small amounts on a daily basis, rather than investing all your money at once. By using the 24 hours interval price change alert, you can choose the best moment of the day to buy more. By gradually taking advantage of this edge, your investment can potentially increase even more effectively.


In-Sync with Opportunity

In order to benefit from the new Price Alert feature, make sure you have the latest version of the Coinmetro Mobile App and activate push notifications. By doing this, you will also benefit from other valuable alerts that can give you an edge in the markets.

Did you know? Months ago we launched a new Mobile App that was very well received by the entire community. After months of testing and ongoing feedback implementation, the new product brings much innovation to the space and a more user-friendly experience. The release introduced native app functionalities, bringing more convenience and ease of use in 4 main sections: Dashboard, Market, Wallet and Swap. In addition, improvements have been made in other categories as well, such as the notification center and navigation drawer.


Update the Coinmetro Mobile App

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What assets will you be watching closely in the coming period? Let us know in our Discord and Telegram channels and feel free to share your thoughts on the new update. To become a Coinmetro user today, Sign-Up now, or head to our new exchange if you are already registered, to experience our premium trading platform.