Must-Attend FinTech Events of 2019: Part II


Last week, we published the first part of Must-Attend FinTech Events of 2019. Today, we’ll look deeper into the summits, events, and conferences that will take place in the US in the coming year.

The US is a huge market and has always been at the forefront of blockchain community summits.

The US

Blockchain Connect 2019

Where? San Francisco, CA When? January 11, 2019

Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019 will be the third blockchain connect conference hosted by SV Insight. The theme of this conference is “Academic”. This conference will gather the most authoritative blockchain professors around the world, the public chain projects with the most advanced technology, and technical experts, to discuss about the most cutting-edge blockchain academic research, problems, and solutions. By including keynote speeches and panels covering topics from research to application, the conference will explore the next big opportunity in the blockchain industry.

North American Bitcoin Conference 2019

Where? Miami, FL When? January 16, 2019

North American Bitcoin Conference 2019 is the largest and longest running conference in the blockchain space, having run 12 global conferences since 2012.

In 2019, it will not only be a 2-day conference, but Security Token Track and Lightning Network Sessions will be introduced. Don’t miss out!

Crypto Pro Expo

Where? San Francisco, CA When? January 29-30, 2019

Crypto Pro Expo has the highest attendance of investors interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on record of any blockchain conference.

The Blockchain Event

Where? Fort Lauderdale, FL When? February 8, 2019

Join the entrepreneurs, developers, industry leaders and investors at The Blockchain Event. Learn everything how blockchain business models will take this distributed ledger technology disrupt every market imaginable from shipping to commerce. Hear real life case studies from companies across industries and learn from their successes and failures. Industry experts and cutting-edge global startups will discuss everything from the advertising implications to potential regulation to security concerns. Finally, we will focus on what the future holds for blockchain and how your company can benefit now.

Global Digital Forum

Where? Santa Clara, CA When? February 12, 2019

Global Digital Forum gathers the world thought leaders and professionals to bridge the gap between innovation and business growth. We welcome you all as we are set to interface with the technology we need to practice or should practice for sustainable business growth. Global Digital Forum brings together business and technology leaders to explore the real-world application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Security & Blockchain and Cloud Services.

Breakthrough Blockchain

Where? Pittsburgh, PA When? March 8-9, 2019

Breakthrough, one of the most important blockchain events of the year, brings together technology, business, and the public to create a synergy unlike any other blockchain conference. This 2-day event will showcase investing experts, blockchain scholars, and industry insiders.

CryptoBlockCon, Los Angeles

Where? Los Angeles, CA When? April 3, 2019

CryptoBlockCon convenes hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry participants to discuss the future benefits and possibilities of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

CryptoBlockCon’s traveling events showcase companies who are using blockchain to improve industries with increased efficiency, security, and transparency, educate current and future industry participants on blockchain technology, and ultimately serve as a platform to connect industry participants to assist in the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology.

Digital Health 2019

Where? Houston, TX When? April 26-27, 2019

The aim of Digital Health 2019 is to bring together a multidisciplinary spectrum of researchers, industry/start-ups, and healthcare practitioners. Submissions are welcome from the range of stakeholders involved in digital health.

Digital Health 2019 will warmly welcome senior leaders from major healthcare companies – along with selected investors, academics,wearable device companies and startup founders – that explore best practices, deliver practical tools, and disseminate useful information to industry leaders around the topic of Digital tech in healthcare. This two-day event will include a diverse series of talks, keynote speech, skill-based workshops with leaders working at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Interested? Don’t miss out as the tickets are selling fast! If you have any questions, please contact the event representatives as our customer support team does not deal with global events.

Have a blast of a week!

The CoinMetro Team