Most Influential People In Crypto

The crypto world is known for being alternative and free – and that’s great. However, navigating Reddit and Twitter in search of crypto news can get hectic at times. With so many opinions out there, do you ever wonder, which one to trust? 

We’ve got you covered. Today we’re bringing you a selection of some of the biggest crypto influencers out there. Let’s dive in!


Did You Seriously Think We Wouldn’t Start From Vitalik?

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has merely 25 years on his back but he’s one of the best known influencers in crypto. 

The Boy Genius was born in Russia and migrated to Canada at the age of six. He attended the University of Waterloo but similarly to other great tech minds, he dropped out. Vitalik ventured into the crypto world in 2011. You might wonder – was he a miner, an investor? Nope, he joined the digital currency world as a blogger. He was offered to write articles for 5 BTC a piece in a bitcoin chat room. Even though the offer equaled to $3.50 at the time, one can call it a pretty sweet deal (at least in retrospect). His writing style caught the eye of Mihai Alisie and the two later set out to co-found the Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalik became more and more rooted in the digital currency world and this led to – you guessed it – Ethereum.

Vitalik saw that the Blockchain technology was capable of supporting much more than just payments. He had a vision of building a “new Blockchain” that would allow creating decentralized apps in numerous industries. He proposed the idea of Ethereum in 2013 and subsequently raised more than $18 million worth in Ether token sale. Since then, Ethereum has changed the way we use Blockchain.

This clarifies why the Wunderkind has been placed in Bloomberg’s most influential people’s list, along with Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Vitalik has 878K followers on Twitter and his worth is estimated at around $70.4 million USD. Numbers aside, he is definitely one of the leading visionaries in the blockchain sphere. He has an open opinion on the industry and its future and if you’re looking to familiarize yourself with new opinion leaders, he is well worth considering.


The Bitcoin Jesus

Let’s shift from Ether to Bitcoin. Roger Ver is known as one of the earliest (and possibly most controversial) cryptocurrency evangelists. And yes, his nickname is the Bitcoin Jesus, but more on that later.

Roger Ver was born in San Jose and spent his youth in Silicon Valley. Similarly to Vitalik, his crypto journey started in 2011. He got hooked to a Bitcoin podcast that caused him to go on a Blockchain and crypto deep dive. It didn’t take long until his first crypto investment.

He had made a considerable amount with his prior business activity and planted $25K into Charlie Sherm’s Bitinstant in the spring of 2011. All the hardcore Bitmaniacs out there might remember that while BTC was worth just $2 that spring, the crypto made a colossal climb to $30 in just a few months. What did Roger get out of this? The title of a Bitcoin Millionaire.

He then went on a Blockchain investment quest and his portfolio includes names like Ripple, Kraken, Bitpay, and others. Although he had created a reputation as an avid Bitcoin supporter, he gradually became more critical of the digital asset. He wasn’t a fan of its block size limits and finally ventured off to become an advocate of Bitcoin Cash, earning another questionable nickname – Bitcoin Judas.

Let’s talk about his influence – it’s safe to say that he hasn’t been keen on shying away from controversy. While his online presence is considered extensive, the same goes for his history of bizarre internet fights. He often expresses his opinion on polarizing topics are whether its pleasing or not, it sure is heard (by his 591K Twitter followers).


The Bitcoin Guy Who’s Name No One Can Spell

Continuing on the Bitcoin wavelength, let’s talk about Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Best known as the author of “Mastering Bitcoin” and as a crypto educator, he has a significant online presence in the crypto world.

Antonopoulos was born in London and raised in Athens, Greece. He has degrees in Computer Science, Data Communications and Distributed Systems. He started out by managing a research company in New York and transitioned into academics. In addition to having outstanding knowledge about technology, he is also an excellent educator and public speaker. He is known for going beyond finance and investments when explaining Blockchain. Antonopoulos often includes the political, cultural and human perspective when discussing the impact of digital assets. 

After launching “Mastering Bitcoin” in 2014, he went on to publish “The Internet of Money” and “Mastering Ethereum”, increasing his influence among crypto enthusiasts vastly. His Twitter profile is a proof of this – he has 501K followers with whom to share his latest thoughts on Blockchain and crypto.


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