More About AllianceBlock


AllianceBlock is one of the VC-vetted fintech startups that’s been generating buzz since the early stages of its development. What’s the hook?

First thing to remember, AllianceBlock aims to transform capital markets with a multilayered blockchain agnostic protocol. The Prometheus Protocol simplifies the capital transfer process between regulated and opaque markets.

Next, you’ll find out more about the project. The basics have been covered extensively in our AllianceBlock ABCs – ALBT: The AllianceBlock Ecosystem and Token.

What Defines AllianceBlock?

AllianceBlock is building an ecosystem of traditional (TradFi) and decentralised (DeFi) finance stakeholders. Collectively, they will represent the future of investment banking. The ecosystem runs on institutional nodes responsible for transaction broadcasting, voting, and service provision. 

What’s more, this is a blockchain-based ecosystem and the backbone of the Prometheus Protocol. Naturally, all the transactions between all the parties occur in a secure regulated environment.

The Future of Investment Banking

Derivatives. As a matter of fact, you need to mark this term well.

The advent of smart contracts has secured the creation of tokenized derivatives without the need for a third party. Counterparty agreements are programmatically encoded. In turn, it reduces the risk for malicious activity.

Thanks to AllianceBlock, compliant derivative products can be quickly and easily created out of nearly any token, crypto, synthetic, crypto portfolio, or DeFi solution.

Furthermore, structured crypto products can now be created in a compliant manner – Credit Linked Notes (CLNs), trackers/synthetics, derivatives, discretionary portfolios, static investments, and structured loans.

As a result, all digital assets will be investable, bankable, fungible, and accessible to the entire regulated finance industry.

The AllianceBlock Foundation

The AllianceBlock Foundation is the main curator of the ecosystem.

In the early stages of the project development, the Foundation focuses on setting up institutional nodes in the preferable jurisdictions. This is how the backbone of the ecosystem will be created.

As a curator, the AllianceBlock Foundation is also responsible for applying Fiscal and Monetary Policy.

Network Participants

Apart from the AllianceBlock Foundation, we need to point out the following network participants:

  • Issuers and other groups (startups, SEM, funds) will not only issue financial instruments on the Prometheus Protocol, but also actively participate in the development of the ecosystem.
  • Institutions and regulatory entities (governments, central banks, investment funds, etc.) will mainly provide financial services and regulations relevant for the issuer jurisdiction.
  • Service providers will provide qualified human capital needed by the platform users.
  • Investors will play a crucial role in deploying capital in a regulatory friendly environment.
  • Data processors and curators will be responsible for data qualification on all levels.
  • Data providers, private and legal, will provide and sell financial data to the data processors and curators, in exchange for tokens.


As set out in the tokenomics paper, transaction fees and fees for using DAI will apply.

First, transaction fees will be minor in order to encourage users to use the platform’s native token – ALBT.

What about the fees collected from network transactions executed using DAI or other currencies? These fees promise to be significantly higher to encourage users to use ALBT tokens.

AllianceBlock on CoinMetro

Now, ALBT is available for trading on several crypto exchanges. Here at CoinMetro, we love the firstevers. So we offer you the first ever fiat trading pair for AllianceBlock – ALBT/EUR. That’s right, CoinMetro is the best fiat-crypto gateway.

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