MD Agency Equity Deal


The latest investment opportunity to hit CoinMetro’s Digital Securities Marketplace arrives from MD Agency. They’re raising €550,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

What is MD Agency and what do they offer?

About MD Agency

This Tallinn-based digital marketing firm specializes in real-time advertising. MD Agency wants to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to revolutionize digital marketing. Their cloud-based infrastructure enables anyone to create their own digital ecosystem.

They’re a small team which has been focused on audio and video programmatic advertising in real-time, aiming to deliver a fundamental infrastructure all businesses need to be successful. Real-time bidding (RTB) is a great way to optimize ads andconversion, saving companies valuable time and resources. 

What is the Offer?

You can invest as little as €5.50 to buy shares, that’s right… A digital security with real equity. MD Agency is raising a total of €550,000 for a 10% stake in the company.

What’s more, investors also have the chance to earn bonuses worth hundreds of euros in the soon-to-be-released MD Crypto Marketplace.

The funds raised will propel the agency to execute their plans to create the first crypto advertising infrastructure. MD is applying blockchain technology to digital marketing which will empower companies to create an entire digital ecosystem.

Want to learn more? You can see a complete breakdown of the use of funds on our Digital Securities Marketplace.

A New Infrastructure

MD Agency is working to deliver “your alternative gateway to digital advertising in real-time, powered by AI & blockchain.” The three-step journey will make that happen.

First will come the MD Ad Exchange. Then, the MD Crypto Marketplace, finally followed by the Ad Lab. MD Agency plans to have their crypto marketplace ready in about six months.

Head over to the Digital Securities Marketplace to invest in MD Agency!