May 2019 Crypto Market Review


We absolutely LOVED May as new records for 2019 were broken and a lot of cryptos have joined the roller-coaster price rally.

A Brief Market Wrap-Up

This month, the price of Bitcoin has set a new record for 2019, reaching $8,905 but then retracing slightly.

As it often happens, following another 2019 high, the crypto market dumped. Sadly, the red hot momentum could not be sustained.

The prices are presumably going down because of massive fears of a larger correction.

A lot of red can be seen in the Asian crypto markets as the top ten altcoins get dumped.

To go into more detail, losses are even worse with Cardano, Tron, IOTA, Tezos, and NEO.

There’s Always Some Good News

Surprisingly, Cosmos has survived with a 6% pump to $5.50 through. Surprisingly, because there was no obvious reason for that.

There’s always big winner looming somewhere on the horizon. In May, it’s Japan’s Monacoin, topping the top one hundred. Monacoin saw a 20% pump to $1.30. As the case is with Cosmos, there are no news to clear the situation as to why Japan’s coin is loading.

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The CoinMetro Team