March 2020 Crypto Market Review

March 2020 brought a lot of suspense to the crypto market! We witnessed thrilling developments in the price of many cryptocurrencies and there is a lot to discuss – so let’s jump right in!


Bitcoin in March

Starting from Bitcoin (BTC) – the leading cryptocurrency was priced at $8,540 on March 1 and reached its monthly high of $9,180 on March 7. The following days brought a downturn. The fears of the expected financial crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 reached its peak on March 13, when BTC fell to $3,869. The whopping 39% price decrease was synced to falling stock prices but the second half of the month brought better news. Bitcoin started climbing up again and ended the month at $6,412. 

March 2020 Crypto Price


Other Top Assets


Cryptocurrency exchanges got very busy last month and other cryptos went through a similar rollercoaster. Ether (ETH) started March at $217,9 and reached the high of $251,5 six days later. ETH experienced its monthly low of $88,5 on March 13 but recovered rather swiftly and the crypto was back at $133,99 by the end of the day. ETH closed March at $132, 3.


Ripple (XRP) was priced at $0.227 on March 1. The cryptocurrency climbed to its monthly high of $0.246 on March 6 and witnessed a downturn the very next day. Ripple saw its monthly low of $0.106 on March 13, just like the other top crypto assets. The price of XRP continued to climb up during the second half of March and XRP was priced at $0.173 on March 31.


Litecoin (LTC) welcomed March at $57.7 and saw its monthly high of $68.8 within the first week of the month. LTC experienced a 38.5% drop on March 12 and hit its monthly low of $24.4 the next day. LTC spent the remainder of March recovering its price and closed the month at $39.1.


The faith of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was similar to the rest of the cryptocurrencies. BCH stood at $312.4 on March 1st and continued climbing until reaching its monthly high of $352.3. BCH saw a 17% price decrease on March 8, followed by a further decrease of 44.9% and fell to its monthly low of $134.5. Bitcoin Cash was worth $218.5 on the last day of March.

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