KDA & LINK Staking have ended


Congrats to everyone who earned some passive income & welcome to all the newcomers who found their new favorite exchange!

KDA + LINK Staking

CoinMetro’s staking programs for KDA & LINK came to an end on 24th April. We received wonderful support from these communities and are excited to continue working with both Kadena in the future! 

The final pending payments for staking rewards will be settled on 16th May.

More than €50,000 worth of crypto was paid to CoinMetro users over the course of the program. In order to be a part of staking, KDA & LINK holders needed to do nothing more than keep those assets in a wallet on CoinMetro.


We saw a nice boost in signups from these staking programs and happy so many traders found a new home at CoinMetro! This has led to a rise in both volume & liquidity on the exchange. Our community of CoinMetroids has grown and benefited greatly from the influx of Kadena & Chainlink supporters. (We’d love for you to join us on Telegram, by the way.)

CoinMetro is committed to providing passive income opportunities. So, it was great to get everyone excited for staking these coins. But this was only a teaser for more to come!

Will KDA/LINK staking return?

Yes. That is absolutely the plan! We’re looking to implement a permanent solution for staking all assets on the CoinMetro platform, including KDA & LINK. How’s that for a commitment to passive income?

CoinMetro has an ongoing collaboration with Kadena. Therefore, we’re working together to bring back a true staking program for KDA using Kadena bonding.

More Passive Income on CoinMetro

As previously mentioned, we’re always looking for new earning opportunities for our clients. But even with KDA/LINK staking ending for the time being, users can still passively earn crypto at CoinMetro.

Our affiliate program is the best on the market and earns 50% of all fees paid by your referrals!

FLUX staking is just around the corner! Users will be able to earn money while helping support the FluxNodes ecosystem.

Flux staking will soon be followed by XCM staking! The highly anticipated moment is almost here. As a result, CoinMetro expects very large amounts of XCM to be locked and taken out of circulation.

Once that is up and running, a more robust solution for KDA staking will return.

We hope you were able to get in on the staking action for Kadena & Chainlink. But if not… just stay tuned for MANY big things to come at CoinMetro.