Is Hathor a Good Investment?


Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, seasoned or novice, are always on the lookout for coins and tokens that have the potential to become all the rage. Is Hathor a good investment?

In this article, we set out:

  • what the Hathor Network is;
  • how it works;
  • whether Hathor a good asset to invest your money in – in terms of its future value.

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What is the Hathor Network?

The Hathor Network is a new scalable and easy-to-use blockchain that aims at solving the problems of scalability and decentralization maintenance among distributed ledger networks. Its novel architecture is the result of over seven years of academic research.

Hathor’s architecture allows the platform to scale on layer one, achieving 200+ transactions per second (think PayPal) with no central coordinator or masternodes. In the future, it has the potential to exceed 1,800 tps, which equals Visa levels.

Moreover, the project focuses on usability for the end user. Building apps and platforms or creating custom tokens on the Hathor network is extremely easy. 

Last but not least, there are zero fees for exchanging tokens.

How Does it Work?

Bitcoin is considered to be the most secure blockchain network, having the most computational power protecting its ledger. Compared to other blockchains, an attack in the Bitcoin network is very unlikely.

The Hathor Network is a natural evolution of the Bitcoin blockchain. It boasts a unique source code written from scratch, which intertwines Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and blockchain technologies.

Hathor has both transactions and blocks connected forming a DAG. While transactions are only connected to other transactions, blocks are connected to both blocks and transactions forming a blockchain inside the DAG.

There’s no other known public project currently developing a similar solution.

Will Hathor be Valuable in the Future?

We see potential in Hathor.

A one-of-a-kind solution to scaling, centralization, and spam issues, the Hathor Network powers an unlimited number of use cases, tokens, and products.

Hathor’s first product deployed on the mainnet was a user-friendly tokenization service. This scalable blockchain allows anyone to easily create their own token – even if just for fun.

That said, all custom tokens will operate under the same technical assumptions as the native tokens of the Hathor ecosystem – HTR.

While we’re at it, it’s worth noting that there are multiple use cases for Hathor’s native utility token. To name a few: financial participation in a company, mileage or loyalty points of a specific store or network, votes, ownership of digital goods, etc.

Furthermore, Hathor’s roadmap indicates a number of strategic items that will add value and unique functionality to the network. This means that the Hathor Network will eventually be ready to enter other markets to continue to expand its use cases. This will further drive the interest of investors and customers – a highest value.

Before you decide whether to invest in Hathor you may want to do additional research and get to know the Hathor Network. 

How do I get Hathor Crypto?

If you believe Hathor is a good investment, cue CoinMetro. HTR deposits and withdrawals are open, and the world’s first HTR/EUR trading pair is now live on our platform.

On top of it all, the HTR/USD – another world’s first – and other trading pairs, such as HTR/BTC, are coming soon.

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