Introducing Crypto Portfolio Management Apps


Keeping track of multiple trading portfolios can be exhausting. Back in the days, traders managed their portfolios in Excel sheets manually… which is even more exhausting. Can you imagine making and updating all the entries with your bare hands? Many buy and sell opportunities have been lost to managing Excel sheets…

Here’s when crypto portfolio management apps come to rescue. They allow you to monitor and manage your crypto portfolios in one place.

Who can benefit from crypto portfolio management apps?

  1. If you’re a first-time crypto investor or trader, be sure to get a management app no matter which altcoin you choose to invest in or trade. While learning your way through the tricky crypto world, you’ll be able to track price fluctuations easily and react accordingly.
  2. If you belong to those who invest and trade at the same time, a crypto portfolio management app is the right solution for you.
  3. Finally, if you’re a day trader or planning to become one, you absolutely need one of these apps. Having an extensive chart in one place will help you make better buying/selling decisions.

Decisions, decisions

Which crypto portfolio management app to choose is the next most obvious question you’ll ask. There’s’ a wide selection of them in the market, and every app has its pros and cons. Let’s see what your goal is first.

If you’re new to all things crypto with an intention to explore this amazing industry, you need a functional crypto portfolio management app that is easy to use at the same time. CoinTracking is your #1 choice. In the meantime, you can also explore CoinMetro’s all-in-one exchange platform with three interfaces to suit any skill level! You can buy your first crypto in just a few clicks and become a holder of a unique XCM token.

If you are a long-term investor only trading occasionally, we’d also recommend CoinTracking for you.

If your only interest is hodling and you’re planning to buy more than just one altcoin, be sure to try out Cryptocompare.

Also good for your crypto portfolio management needs are such apps as Delta and BlockFolio.


Over to you now! Which apps do you use and have used? We’re waiting for your comments in the section below!

The CoinMetro Team