Introducing 12 New Margin Pairs


And More USD/EUR Spot Pairs


After successfully launching a New Margin Update months ago, our quest of offering you the best trading opportunities is now putting more meaningful assets within your reach.

The community has been asking for and we are thrilled to announce the availability of 12 new trading pairs on Coinmetro Margin exchange, as well as new USD/EUR Spot pairs. Diversify your portfolio and trade with leverage on these new Margin pairs:




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Moreover, as stated above, we are also introducing additional pairs on Coinmetro Spot exchange, in order for you to have more options and have EUR/USD availability on the following assets: 


  • BAT/USD 



Margin Trading for Beginners & Pros

We’re in a full-fledged bear market. Beginners and pro traders alike are seeking new opportunities to earn, as no coin is currently shooting for the moon. On Coinmetro Margin exchange, we have made it easy to start your Margin journey and trade both long and short positions, profiting regardless of market conditions. 


With the new Margin pairs, you now have more flexibility in leveraging your positions in the markets. The freshly added Margin assets are no strangers to the Coinmetro ecosystem, being previously available on our Spot exchange. If you are only now discovering them, take your time to learn about the projects by reading in-depth content about each asset in our Learning Lab


Then grab the limited-offer $10 Bonus by adding collateral and performing your first trade on Margin. Use this uncertain economic period to develop an essential skill – the ability to profit regardless of market sentiment. Margin trading opens up the opportunity of investing more than your current holdings. This way you can amplify your trading results and earn from even the smallest price movements.


What new trading skills will you be learning during this bear market? Let us know all about it on our Discord and Telegram community channels – a place to learn, chat and have fun every day. Should you need any help, feel free to reach out to our world-class Customer Support Team via 24/7 live chat or email at

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