Interesting Places Where You Can Pay With Crypto


Being a crypto enthusiast, you surely know very well where you can spend your bitcoins.

But what about the famous and interesting places we all know where you can actually pay with crypto?

Paralelni Polis

Paralelni Polis is Paradise for crypto enthusiasts and crypto-anarchists.

The headquarters of Paralelni Polis are located in Prague, and this black building catches your eye straight away. What’s inside?

First, there’s a bitcoin-only espresso bar called Bitcoin Coffee. Go Bitcoin or go home and brew your own coffee!

Then, there’s Paper Hub that allows you to rent a spot in a shared working space. Tired of doing freelance in the confines of your home? Welcome to Paralelni Polis… but don’t forget to get some bitcoins first! Bitcoin is the main currency in the territory of Paralelni Polis.

Renting a spot, you get all the office facilities you may need – printer, scanner, copying machine, Wi-Fi, presentation technology, etc., a kitchen, a terrace, and a possibility to rent a meeting room with a discount. Hint: now we know where crypto and blockchain mastermind meet anonymously.

If you’re in Prague any time soon, go and check out Paralelni Polis! They also host regular events and meetups, so don’t forget to have a look at the schedule beforehand.

Subway sandwich shops

Did you know that some Subway sandwich shops accept crypto? This means that you can not only eat fresh sandwiches, but also… pay fresh!


Who would have thought? A church is a sacred place where money is the last thing we all think about. True, churches eagerly accept donations, but some of them are so one step ahead that they accept donations in crypto. For example, Church of St. John the Evangelist in Goshen, NY, USA.

Funeral homes

Quite the opposite to the joy visiting a church can bring, but still. A bit of black humor, but comes handy to the crypto enthusiasts whose last wish is for their nearest and dearest to pay for their funeral with crypto…

Plastic surgery office

Also true. You can’t think of a better way to spend your crypto. What a great option to beautify yourself and pay with crypto conveniently, saving your fiat money for laters.


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