Ignium is Fundraising!


CoinMetro has yet another cool project for you. Something that we’re involved with as well –  Ignium! And they’re fundraising on CoinMetro!

Ignium is inviting you to be a part of it’s journey creating digital capital markets for small and medium sized companies. We are here to democratise the system and shape a new brighter future for capital raising companies and investors alike. Become a shareholder with as little as €17.66. Owning digital shares in Ignium gives you all the rights of a traditional shareholder without all the paperwork. More than €200,000 has already been invested in the first 24 hours.


What is Ignium?

Ignium is what essentially makes our security token marketplace possible. Many projects have already raised funding on CoinMetro and now it’s Ignium’s turn as well. Ignium connects SME’s and investors globally, without the need for a bank as a middle man. Access to investment opportunities, solved!

Think Amazon for Small and Medium sized company securities. Think of a place where companies can not only benefit from an affordable market for their securities, but also showcase their products and services and at the same time offer the opportunity to their loyal clients to become shareholders… within minutes. 

Co-founded by CoinMetro’s very own CEO, Kevin Murcko, together with Reimo Hammerberg, Ignium’s leadership amounts to decades of experience in the financial industry, regulations and law. CTO Normunds Blumbergs with over 16 years of experience in large enterprise software development and SaaS startups, Ignium will reach its ambitious goals and beyond, paving the way for an equal financial future for all.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?


What Are the Terms?

You can become a shareholder of Ignium with as little as €17.66. The company is raising €1,000,000 in equity with a post money valuation of €20,000,000.

The Company has grown from an idea shared around a conference table to a fully functional enterprise level system in slightly less than two years. Initially bootstrapped by the co-founders Ignium raised its first round in early 2020 securing 1.2M EUR from private angel investors in the USA. This money allowed the company to scale its team and build additional services and products onto its offering, gearing up for the next steps ahead in its evolution…. Traction and growth. 

The company is already generating revenue and has a world of potential ahead of it. This is not something you want to miss out on. Ignium is a trailblazer just like CoinMetro. We are building the future of finance together as we speak. Just like CoinMetro, the vision is the same. Access to investment opportunities and financial products should not be a promise of tomorrow, it should be here, today.

How does Ignium make money?

Ignium, being a sister company of CoinMetro, carry the very same ethos of doing what is right, and moving the industry forward. Accessibility to capital markets have long kept retail investors from the opportunities that lie therein. Ignium is here to change that.

Companies looking to issue securities only pay a monthly fee of €99 EUR. No listing fees, service fees, and for the investors, a capped commission cut of 1% for those selling their assets (with a cap at €299).

Ignium’s potential market is massive, with little competition – as there is not a single scalable secondary marketplace in the world. 

Focusing initially on SMEs in Europe, meaning active employers with 1-250 employees, means that Ignium already has an audience of millions of retailers that already are customers. And with Ignium, they can now become investors. 

Invest in Ignium!

Seize the opportunity while you can. The investment opportunities on CoinMetro have all gone incredibly well. Ignium and CoinMetro’s partnership will be fruitful for us all and you can help us achieve the dream of the future of finance.

Ignium’s core team brings a wealth of experience to the table from industries and sectors that are clearly in synergy with the company’s overarching mission. With decades of working knowledge in capital markets law and transactions, retail financial markets, trading systems architecture, and the development of fintech ecosystems, there is no challenge they are not ready to take head on. 

Invest Now!