If Cryptocurrencies Were A Boy Band

Have you ever wondered, what would the world be like if cryptocurrencies were a boy band? You probably haven’t, but we have. Let us introduce you to the Backstreet Coins.


BTC – The Lead Singer

Could there be anyone else considered for the role of the lead singer? 

If cryptocurrencies were a boy band, Bitcoin (BTC) would be the lead singer. He might not be the best vocalist, but he gets all the media attention and is always in the spotlight. He has fans from Switzerland to Hong Kong. 

Even if you’d ask someone unfamiliar with the Backstreet Coins to name a member, they could name Bitcoin. He’s the Justin Timberlake of the gang.


ETH – Always In the Shadow

This is a classic case of being eclipsed by the star of the band. Although Ether (ETH) is probably more talented than the lead singer – he just wasn’t in the right place at the right time. Or maybe he had some aesthetical shortcomings stopping him from being in the limelight.

The kid has a lot of talent and is probably plotting the launch of his solo career, that could really take him out of Bitcoin’s shadow. We’re all waiting in suspense.

XCM – The Silent Genius

He’s the laid back guy who is quietly doing his own thing without feeling the need to preach about it. His vocals are solid and he sees the band as a mere stepping stone to something much greater. Unlike BTC and ETH, he is not in conflict with anyone about fame and glory. XCM is taking it easy and is a delight to be around, but he is actually planning to take over the world.


Dogecoin – The Funny Weirdo

He’s the one with close to zero talents when it comes to singing or dancing, but he won everyone’s hearts by being the funny guy. Dogecoin is great to have around, but boy, is he useless. He probably has an eyebrow piercing and experimental facial hair. He’s a close equivalent to what the all-girl band industry refers to as “Scary Spice”. He knows that the funny guy act will not keep him around permanently, but he’s taking the most of it while he still can.


LTC – The “Is He Also Part Of The Band” Guy

Litecoin (LTC) is the backup singer who disappears right in the beginning of the rehearsal and isn’t seen again for 3 days. He is technically part of the band, but no one really knows anything about him. He’s the one who is often spotted playing Flag Quiz on his phone while everyone else is busy working. We don’t know much about him. Can he actually sing? What’s his plan? Why do fans keep supporting him? It’s all a big mystery. 


And finally… Dagcoin

He is definitely not in the band, but he tells everyone he is – just so that people would buy his merch!


That covers it! Should we do more of articles like this? Let us know in the comments.

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